AAA and Travel Partners team up for “Best and Biggest” Vacation Bargains to help Kick-start the Economy

Travel Savings Abound for Consumers Seeking a Deal

AAA is partnering with domestic and international travel industry leaders to offer the “Best and Biggest” travel promotion with special savings on hotel, airfare, cruises, tours, car rentals and more. The effort runs now through November 22 and is intended to boost the number of Americans traveling this fall and winter, and spur an increase in overall economic activity in the process.

“Because AAA is North America’s largest leisure travel agency network, we’ve been able to work with our partners to offer travel incentives for a limited time that aren’t available anywhere else. AAA and its partners recognize the need to help stimulate the economy right now, and consumers may want to book their 2009 vacations this month rather than waiting until the economy is potentially stronger and prices are higher,” says Doreen Loofburrow, AAA Oregon/Idaho Director of Travel.

You can find out more about the “Best and Biggest” travel promotion by contacting your local AAA Travel Agent or going to are available to AAA members and the non-members, but there are additional exclusive benefits for members.

“We have some outstanding special promotional discounts, extras and upgrades available. World-class cruise lines, tour operators, hoteliers, theme parks and other special destinations have agreed to work with AAA in offering the widest-possible menu of incredible travel opportunities over the next few months,” adds Loofburrow.

A slower economy means many of the most popular travel destinations are seeing smaller crowds, creating a more enjoyable experience for visitors and some tremendous bargains. Many Americans have either postponed vacations, traveled closer to home, or opted for more affordable trips. Now, with AAA’s “Best and Biggest” event, it may be possible for them to afford the special trip they had wanted to take, but did not.

AAA’s Best & Biggest travel offers include cruises, tours and vacation packages to destinations in the U.S. and worldwide. Many of the packages are all-inclusive, resulting in an even great potential for savings for the traveler. The offers include a wide range of specials such as a free hotel night, discounts on coach or business class airfare, discounts on cruises and cruise cabin upgrades, free upgrades on rental cars, and discounts on tour vacation packages.

The promotional portion of AAA’s “Best and Biggest” campaign begins with a virtual travel show on November 12 which will guide consumers through the various experiences and elements that are available or on sale. The AAA Virtual Travel Show is an exciting new venue that allows visitors to attend an online travel trade show, see presentations, chat with travel agents, all from the comfort of their own home. Virtual travel shows are becoming an increasingly popular way for consumers to review a range of travel opportunities they may not have previously considered or to learn more about a vacation option they are already considering.

An estimated $700 billion is spent on travel annually and the travel industry directly or indirectly employs 7.5 million Americans. It contributes hundreds of billions of dollars to global trade and enriches our collective understanding and appreciation of other people and places.

Loofburrow says, “Our AAA “Best and Biggest” is a limited time promotion, so be sure and make your plans by November 22. Travel can be booked through 2009 on most of the special offers. Smart travelers realize there are some incredible travel bargains available right now.”

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