AAA Launches GoodRx Prescription Discount Program

GoodRX Prescription Discount Program

GoodRX Prescription Discount Pogram

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with GoodRx to provide incredible savings at leading pharmacies to help AAA members save on prescriptions for the ENTIRE family, including pets. AAA Members can take advantage of savings up to 85% with GoodRx through use of the GoodRx discount card or coupons. AAA provides the prescription discount program at NO COST to AAA members.

How do I get an AAA-GoodRx Prescription Discount Card?

Click here and enter in your AAA membership number to get your AAA-GoodRx Prescription Discount Card. You can print, email or text the card.

How to use my card?

Simply present your card with your prescription to your pharmacist. If your prescription is already at the pharmacy, show the discount card when the medication is ready to pick-up. Over 70,000 retail pharmacies in the U.S including major chains like CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Rite Aid and more accept the card.

How to use GoodRx Coupons?

GoodRx coupons are available here and can help you save even more. You’ll enter your prescription information to find savings and available coupons. Click on “Get Your Coupon” next to the preferred pharmacy name to receive your coupon and then enter your AAA membership number. You can then print, email or text the coupon and present it to your pharmacist.

Switching to GoodRx

If you are currently singed up for our AAA Prescription Savings program you will need to switch to the GoodRx Prescription Discounts program. AAA members must enroll in the GoodRx program to continue to receive prescription discounts.


Visit to learn more and see what medications are included and what prescription discount are available. If you or your pharmacist have any questions regarding the program, please call 1-855-470-9649 Monday thru Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm CST.