Alex Overton - Battery Service Skills Challenge

Alex Takes the Regional Cake

Battery technicians from the region gathered together to test their knowledge and expertise in the Regional Battery Service Skills Challenge hosted by Club Assist. They were tested across 8 different categories for a total of 114 points. Categories ranged from pre-testing activities to offering solutions to battery installation.

On August 2nd, 2019 AAA Oregon/Idaho’s Alexander Overton took first place. His win guaranteed him a spot in the National Battery Skills Challenge in October in Washington D.C. Alex flew out to Washington D.C. to compete against the nation’s top battery techs for the grand prize of $20,000 and ultimate bragging rights.

Battery Tips from the Regional Champion

Alex began his career at AAA almost four years ago, out in the field as a Fleet Battery Service Technician. He learned ins and outs of battery service through assisting AAA members in need.  “I love being able to help people in different scenarios each and every day,” Alex said, “it’s one of my favorite things about being in the field.”

Alex is passionate about the care and services he provides AAA members and has handy tips for everyone. He recommends checking for corrosion or bulges in the battery case to see if there are any issues.

“If you ever notice hesitation or delay when starting,” Alex said “That can indicate a problem. Sometimes that’s the only sign you’ll receive of a failing battery.”

When the winter weather sets in, Alex recommends starting your car at least once a week. “If a vehicle is going to be sitting for long periods of time during exceptionally cold weather, it’s important to go out and start it. You’ll want to do it at least once a week. Even if you plan on going nowhere.”

Go, Alex, Go!

Recently promoted to Fleet Services Supervisor, Alex scheduled all of his practice time outside of work. “I kept practicing and studying since my win in the summer, at least 10 hours a week” he said.

Before heading out to D.C., Alex was confident about his chances. He scored a perfect 114/114 during the regional competition. “I have faith that my experience and expertise will get me good odds,” Alex said.

At the challenge, he and other competitors were tasked  with running a simulated battery call. A stand-in member and judge watched the competitors, making notes of their basic interactions, pre-testing procedures, full-system testing and a timed battery replacement portion.

Alex placed within the top 10 battery techs in the nation! We are incredibly proud of Alex and his efforts in the Battery Service Skills Challenge.

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