Pet Discounts

Discover savings on many of the items and services your pets need every day. From pet food, toys, treats and supplements to aquariums, litter, and accessories, you’ll find everything you need to make sure your pet is properly cared for. Additionally, find sitters and walkers you can trust during the work day and when you’re away from home.

Pet Insurance

Things happen. And when they do, you can rest easy knowing AAA Pet Insurance has you covered. With budget-conscious deductibles and copays, no breed or gender discrimination and confusion-free coverage, you can enjoy life with your pet with peace of mind. You’ll have a plan for your pet no matter what life brings.

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Traveling With Pets

Many people view their pets as full-fledged members of the family. Spot and Snowball often have their own beds, premium-quality foods, a basketful of toys and a special place in their humans’ hearts. Until it’s time to go on vacation, that is. Then the family dog or cat is consigned to “watching the fort” at home while everyone else experiences the joy of traveling. Many animal lovers hesitate to take their pet with them because they don’t think they’ll be able to find accommodations that accept four-legged guests. 

The truth is, including a pet in the family vacation is fairly easy, so long as you plan ahead. Most pets respond well to travel, a fact that isn’t lost on the tourism industry. So if you’ve been longing to hit the trail with a canine or feline companion, read the tips we offer. You may find that a getaway can be far more enjoyable with than without your pet.

dog park

Getting Your Pet Ready

For The Trip

Happily, many vacations can be planned to include fun things to do for pets. Trips to parks, nature trails, the ocean or lakes offer exposure to the world beyond the window or fence at home, as well as the chance to explore new sights and sounds. Even the streets of an unfamiliar city can provide a smorgasbord of discoveries for your animal friend to enjoy.

Service Animals

Going On Vacations

with Service Animals

Individuals with disabilities who own service animals to assist them with everyday activities undoubtedly face challenges, but going on vacation should not be one of them. Service animals (the accepted term for animals trained to help people with disabilities) are not pets and thus are not subject to many of the laws or policies pertaining to pets.

Veterinarian examining sick African grey parrot with stethoscope at vet clinic


Animal Clinics

This list of emergency animal clinics in the United States and Canada is provided by the Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society (VECCS) as a service to the community for information purposes only. This is not to be construed as a certification or an endorsement of any clinic listed. For further information, contact the society online at

Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog sits in a beautiful autumn forest

Dog Parks

These places offer dogs an area to play, exercise and socialize with other dogs while their owners enjoy the park-like setting. Dog park size and features vary greatly from location to location, from several hundred square feet in urban areas to several hundred acres in the suburbs and rural locations where adventure travel is more common. It’s easy to see why dog parks are so popular.