Majority of U.S. travelers planning a summer getaway

PORTLAND, Ore., – Millions of Americans are making plans for summer vacations. A new survey from AAA shows that two-thirds (64 percent) of those who are traveling this year plan to take vacations this summer. Many will visit theme parks, explore European cities or experience the Aloha spirit in Hawaii. Road trips remain a top choice for many families this summer and AAA has put together dozens of road trips crisscrossing the U.S. and Canada. AAA expects to rescue nearly 8 million Americans including 100,000 Oregonians at the roadside this summer season.

These are the top summer travel destinations, based on bookings at AAA Oregon/Idaho for trips planned for June 1 through August 31, 2019:

  1. Anaheim, California
  2. London, England
  3. Orlando, Florida
  4. Rome, Italy
  5. Maui, Hawaii
  6. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  7. Honolulu, Hawaii
  8. Dublin, Ireland
  9. Paris, France
  10. Seattle, Washington

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Top trends for summer travel this year:

  • Theme parks in Anaheim and Orlando claim top spots as some of the most visited summer travel destinations. Disneyland plans to open the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on May 31; guests will need reservations to enter the themed land between May 31 and June 23. Universal Orlando Resort will unveil Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure on June 13. At Walt Disney World Resort, it’s the 30th anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
  • Europe is a bucket list destination for many Americans, and this summer is no exception. London has grown in popularity compared with last year, while Rome, Dublin and Paris continue to be hot spots for top summer travel destinations.
  • Alaskan cruises are a top vacation choice for summer travelers, with Vancouver, Seattle and Anchorage topping the list of embarkation ports for these coveted sailings.
  • After a harsh winter, many want to soak up the sun on a beautiful Hawaiian beach. Maui and Honolulu both make the top 10 list.
  • Closer to home, popular destinations include the Oregon coast, central Oregon, Crater Lake and the Ashland area (for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival).
  • Other international destinations that didn’t quite make the top 10 list for AAA members in Oregon include Calgary, Canada and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“It’s shaping up to be another banner season for travel as millions make plans to have fun in the summer sun. Whether you want to explore European and U.S. cities, sail away on a cruise, relax on the beach or take the family to a theme park to visit Hogwarts or a galaxy far, far away, summer is the perfect time for a getaway,” says Doreen Loofburrow, senior vice president of travel at AAA Oregon/Idaho.

AAA recommends booking your trip as early as possible and working with a knowledgeable travel professional to plan that fun, seamless and worry-free adventure. “Our AAA travel experts have been there, done that. They know the do’s and don’ts for your destination. Also, when you book through AAA Travel, we’re able to give you great value for your vacation dollars. We’re often able to throw in extras that you wouldn’t get if you booked on your own,” adds Loofburrow.

AAA travel experts can provide benefits and lots of useful how-to information:

  • Find the best deals, get upgrades and money-saving travel perks.
  • Save time. Travel pros can take the guesswork out of researching and evaluating the many options that are available to travelers, saving time and the hassle that often come with vacation planning. Who wants to spend hours researching possible destinations?
  • Expert recommendations. A knowledgeable travel expert will make personalized recommendations and offer tips on destinations, what to see and do while on vacation, the best and worst times to travel, and much more.
  • Help with the unexpected. Between weather delays, natural disasters, flight cancellations, lost luggage and much more, a lot can happen on vacation. Travel pros act as the traveler’s advocate in the event something goes wrong, helping navigate the challenge of making any necessary itinerary changes.
  • Travel insurance… do I need it? And if so, what kinds of things are covered by travel insurance?
  • What should I pack? What’s the best luggage? Our AAA travel pros can provide plenty of useful tips.
  • If I’m traveling internationally, what kind of plan do I need for my mobile phone and tablet so that I don’t get hit with a surprising bill?
  • What kind of currency will I need and how much should I have on hand when I arrive in that country?
  • What kind of ID do I need for traveling and driving in other countries?

Be Road Trip Ready

The road trip is the quintessential summer getaway. AAA expects to rescue nearly 8 million Americans including 100,000 Oregonians this summer. The top issues are flat tires, lockouts and dead batteries. AAA Automotive experts recommend these car care tips to prepare your vehicle for a summer road trip:

  • Have your vehicle inspected by a trusted repair shop, such as one of the nearly 7,000 AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities across North America.
  • Tires – Inflate tires to the recommended pressure listed in the owner’s manual or on the driver-side doorjamb. To check tread wear, insert a quarter upside down; if the top of George Washington’s head is visible at any point, it’s time to start shopping for new tires.
  • Brakes – Inspect the brake system for fluid leaks, and check all components for wear at every oil change and whenever there are signs of a potential problem. Pay attention to any brake warning indicators on your car’s instrument panel, or any grinding or scraping noises when applying the brakes.
  • Battery – After three years, have your battery tested to determine remaining capacity. In many areas, AAA members can have a AAA Mobile Battery Service technician come to their home or work to perform a free battery test and install a new battery on site if needed.
  • Fluids – Change the oil at the intervals specified by the vehicle manufacturer and use an oil that meets the vehicle’s factory specifications. Also, check the engine coolant and brake, transmission, and power steering fluids.

Regardless of destination, travelers can look to AAA for assistance planning and booking unforgettable vacations this summer. For more information, visit

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