Let’s take a short stroll down memory lane.

The year is 1996. Tickle Me Elmo was the most sought-after item on every kid’s holiday wish-list, the Macarena fueled a new dance craze across the world, and Dolly, the cloned sheep was born! We all remember these fun blasts from the past, but something you may not recall was that in 1996, something very new was introduced online that would forever change the travel industry – online travel websites. The internet wasn’t just for forwarding chain messages anymore! You could plan your next vacation at home – on dial-up, of course. At that time, travel agents were concerned that travelers no longer needed their personalized advice and expertise.

Fast forward to the present day, and it is clear this wasn’t the case at all. Though there are many ways you can plan a simple getaway online, including AAA.com – more complex vacations can be difficult to plan, even for the most experienced traveler.

Travel agents have adapted and evolved alongside the industry over the years, and travel agents are still hard at work building unforgettable trips and most importantly, providing expert advice and guidance for seamless adventures! And it’s a good thing too – because the demand for travel agents is at an all time high in the wake of COVID-19. More travelers are considering working with travel agents to help them navigate the ever-changing restrictions in this new travel environment.

Why AAA Travel Agents are a Gift

Not only is it very important to have a really good travel agent on your side when planning travel these days, but AAA Travel Agents take your vacation planning experience to the next level.

They are your in-the-know trip planners and will ensure each and every detail of your trip is in order – before, during, and after your vacation. AAA Travel Agents will take the time to fully understand how you like to travel so they can properly curate potential vacation experiences, accommodations, and activities specific to your requests. They know that you’ve worked hard for your vacation and AAA Travel Agents will help you craft a vacation that is sure to meet and exceed expectations.

Not only that, as a AAA member, you have exclusive member benefits available to you when booking travel – and AAA Travel Agents can often utilize their hard-won relationships with our preferred travel partners to secure special rates, upgrades and more that you would not be able to find online or on your own.

If you’re ready to start planning your next adventure, our AAA Travel Agents are ready to make your travel dreams a reality!

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The Gift of Travel

With the holidays fast approaching, have you considered giving the gift of travel? Whether as a gift to your family or loved one, or heck, even yourself for that matter, giving the gift of travel memories and experiences are sure to be remembered forever.

If you need some vacation inspiration, find cruises, tours, travel packages and more with AAA Vacations.

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