Cheryl BaileyGet to Know Cheryl Bailey

AAA Insurance is here for you, to help you protect what matters most. Our Insurance Professionals, like Cheryl Bailey, are knowledgeable and friendly as they assist you in getting the insurance coverage you need.

Cheryl works in our AAA Boise Service Center in Idaho and joined our team after moving from Augusta, Georgia. With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, Cheryl enjoys helping people find the best insurance policy for them and specializes in property and casualty.

“I love the recognition and the brand of the AAA Club. When I tell people that I am a AAA agent I get a positive response,” Cheryl said.  “Most people have heard of AAA, at one time has had a membership, or know someone that has AAA. That’s a nice common ground to share with people.”

Cheryl encourages members she works with to be open minded about the insurance process. Price isn’t the only factor to take into consideration, she wants to make sure that they understand how their insurance works to protect them. “My insureds can expect that I will do my best for them,” she said, “That I will listen to what their needs are and I will try to match their needs with the appropriate insurance policy for them.”

“Weekends are for relaxing,” Cheryl states and we couldn’t agree more. When Cheryl isn’t assisting a member, she can be found watching movies and TV, trying out new dinner recipes, and even competitive ball room dancing with her husband.

To find a trusted Insurance Professional, like Cheryl, check out your local AAA Service Center.

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