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Our AAA Insurance Professionals are always on hand to help you find the coverage and policy that fits your lifestyle and needs. You can count on talented and knowledgeable professionals, like Paul Lee, to help you navigate the world of insurance.

Paul Lee is a AAA Insurance Professional out of our Coos Bay Service Center on the coast of Oregon. He has been working with AAA for 6 years.

Paul enjoys working closely with members and helping them purchase the insurance coverage they need, when they need it. He knows that the members he works with are protected and covered in the case of an emergency or accident.

“I like that we have a lot of options,” Paul said, “It gives us flexibility when it comes to rates and coverage. We find coverage for almost every member that comes through our doors.

“I love that members love AAA, they are very appreciative of the services we render.”

When Paul isn’t assisting members, he enjoys spending his time fishing and claims that if he could fish while selling insurance, he’d be all over that job. Paul enjoys engaging and getting to know members.

To find an Insurance Professional like Paul, check out your local AAA Service Center.

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