Get to Know Shawn Hunt

It’s good to have someone in your corner, especially when it comes to insurance. That’s why AAA Insurance Professionals, like Shawn Hunt, are here to help our members protect what matters most.

Shawn began his journey with AAA over 10 years ago, working first as an Insurance Sales Manager in San Luis Obispo California. Shawn and his family then moved to the Portland area, where Shawn spent 2+ years as an agent at our Springfield/Gateway office. 3 years ago, Shawn and his family moved again, this time to Idaho and Shawn joined our Boise team. When the Nampa office opened earlier this year, Shawn began to represent that office as in Insurance & Membership Sales.

Shawn appreciates the ability to have multiple companies to work with in order to provide coverage for a wide variety of solutions. “With our AAA insurance partners, we have a solution for just about every situation.”

Members can expect honest and helpful service when working with Shawn. “If something is wrong with your coverage, I’m going to let you know and provide you with ways to fix it,” Shawn said, “In my experience, people appreciate the honesty instead of dealing with just another person trying to sell them something.”

Shawn takes the time to make sure our insured members understand and know what they need protection for. Often, he will spend time diving into liability exposure and how insurance works for the member. “I like to talk about what insurance you need, not what you have,” he said.

When he isn’t helping members, Shawn likes to spend time with his wife Krickett and their children. They love Idaho and try to get the kids out to explore it as much as they can.

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