Idaho Ready Winter Roads

Idaho Drivers, be prepared for the roads. AAA Idaho’s Public & Government Affairs Director, Matthew Conde, along with the Idaho Transportation Department, are tasking you with one thing: Be Idaho Ready.  Ready for winter weather, ready for routine maintenance, ready for unique driving conditions, and ready to keep roads and drivers in Idaho safe.

The goal is to educate and prepare Idahoans for the road. Communicating dangerous road conditions, providing educational materials and more to ensure the safety of everyone on the roads.

“When drivers are better prepared for the road, it benefits everyone, including tow truck operators, repair shops, and other road users,” said Conde. Drivers need to be aware and ready for the multitude of situations that happen while driving.

Idaho Ready videos are available for everyone to use. Whether you need to chat with your teen about traffic stops, have just moved to the state, or want to find out how to prepare for the winter, the list of videos below can help.

Idaho Ready Videos

Teen Traffic Stop 
Welcome to Idaho
Winter Driving Prep
Winter Holiday Travel
Winter Tires 

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If you notice dangerous road conditions or other unsafe situations for drivers, tag #idahoready on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can also share the videos with fellow drivers in your community. Idaho Ready is a year-round resource. Check back for more videos as they get created!