BOISE – The holidays are just around the corner, and AAA is sharing tips to keep the season merry and bright.

  • Remember to securely tie down your Christmas tree, with the trunk facing forward, at the top, bottom, and middle of the tree.  Use strong rope, not twine.
  • Keep sidewalks and driveways free of ice.
  • Keep décor away from heat sources.  Indoor lighting should not touch drapes, furniture, or carpeting.  Keep candles away from flammable materials, and make sure trees are away from heaters and fireplaces.  Turn everything off at bedtime.
  • Double-check indoor and outdoor lights for frays and cracks, and make sure there’s a bulb in every socket.
  • When decorating your home, avoid walking on a wet or icy roof.  Keep ladders and decorations away from overhead power lines, and use clips instead of hammer tacks or nails to put up lights.
  • Make sure live trees are watered regularly.
  • If you’re going to use your fireplace, make sure the chimney is clean and free of debris.
  • Always monitor ovens and air fryers while cooking up holiday treats.
  • Encourage guests to celebrate responsibly when consuming alcohol.

“Holiday shopping is in full swing, so please expect busy parking lots at malls, grocery stores, and other shopping areas, filled with cars and pedestrians,” says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde.  “Driving at slower speeds and ditching the distractions will make the season safer for everyone.”