Don’t get caught on the road with an expired permit, ID, license plates or registration! After a brief pause, consequences for expired driving privileges and documents are in force again.

When COVID-19 first hit, the Oregon department of transportation partnered with the Oregon Police to place a moratorium on enforcement of expired IDs/licenses, trip permits, and vehicle registration. This allowed drivers a six-month grace period to get their documents in order and up-to-date and drivers could still take to the road without worrying about consequences of expired documents.

The Moratorium Has Ended, Now What?

The moratorium recently ended on December 31, 2021. As of January 1, 2022 Oregon drivers can be cited and convicted for operating a vehicle without proper driving privileges. Expired IDs/licenses, trip permits, and vehicle registrations all fall within this category.

Similarly, we are unable to provide roadside assistance for members who have expired driving privileges. While our policy includes a 30-day grace period for expired registration, we can’t provide roadside assistance for expired tags past the 30-day date as well as expired ID, license plates, and trip permits.

Get Up-to-Date on Expired Documents

Now that the moratorium has expired, you’re required to get your driving privileges up-to-date. DMVs are open for in-person access across the state and many are reporting that waiting periods have reduced significantly.

Make an Appointment for In-Person Services

The best way to make your DMV experience fast an easy is to make an appointment in advance. You can schedule appointments online and also change, modify, or cancel an upcoming visit you’ve scheduled. Appointments help you skip lengthy waits and plan the rest of your day around your visit to the DMV.

Take Care of It Online

Many services provided by the DMV are also available online, which can help you avoid an in-person visit altogether.

What Should I update?

Titles & Vehicle Registration

License Plates & Permits

      • Trip Permits allow you to temporarily use unregistered vehicles on Oregon roads
      • License Plates must be displayed on the back of the vehicle. AAA Oregon/Idaho cannot provide roadside assistance if there is not a current license plate on the vehicle.

Driver’s License & IDs

        • Make an appointment to renew your ID – online or in-person (required if you need a Real ID)

Getting your driving documentation in order will prevent a possible citation. Plus, we’ll be able to provide roadside assistance if the need arises on your next journey.

P.S. Have You Gotten Your Real ID Yet?

If your Oregon ID is nearing expiration or already expired, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get your Real ID.

Real ID is a state-issued driver license, instruction permit or ID card that meets the federal requirements set by the REAL ID Act​. Oregon offers both a standard ID card and a Real ID Act-card. Both cards will allow you to legally drive and prove identity and age in the state of Oregon.

However if you plan to travel and board an airplane in the U.S. or visit a Federal Facility, a Real ID will be required by May 3rd, 2023. If you don’t have a Real ID by this date, you will be unable to board an airplane or visit federal facilities.

Learn More about Real ID

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