Woman in car with Santa hat, gifting extended service contract

Making your list? Better check twice! This holiday season, make sure an extended service contract is on your wish list.

Mechanical repair costs are expensive and typically the total is more than you’d want or expect. Cue extended service contracts. A mechanical breakdown is never a pleasant experience.  Relax with the peace of mind knowing you have comprehensive coverage for most any breakdown that occurs.  With a service contract from AAA AutoSource, you have the confidence of knowing that your qualified vehicle is covered throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can even choose the length of time and miles of coverage that matches you and your vehicle’s specific needs. Hopefully you will never have a problem, but driving with a service contract will reassure you while on the road

Not only is the process easy through AutoSource but it’s affordable too. Parts and labor costs to repair mechanical or electrical breakdowns are expensive, and can quickly add up. An extended service contract from AAA AutoSource gives you peace of mind.  Deductibles per repair visit can be as low as $0 if your vehicle is taken to a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility. Based on the age and miles of your existing vehicle, coverage can be purchased for as long as 10 years or 125,000 miles, whichever comes first.

In addition to low deductibles, AutoSource offers a payment program. When you put 10% down on the purchase of extended service contracts, you’ll be able to spread the remaining balance for up-to 18 months with 0% finance charges. Contact your nearest AutoSource consultant at 1-877-503-4222 for details. .

Contact AAA Oregon AutoSource For Your Extended Service Contract

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