Easy Ways to Organize for Your Trip

It’s a common question for travelers – what is the most efficient way to pack a carry-on?

Before you decide what to pack for your vacation, it’s crucial to find a versatile carry-on that fits all your stuff and is easy to manage. Opt for lightweight, durable luggage that meets your travel needs. Consider size, weight, and functionality when selecting your suitcase. Choose a carry-on whenever possible to avoid checked baggage fees and streamline the process of travel.

Using packing cubes can compartmentalize your clothing and accessories, keeping similar items together and maximizing space in your luggage. Knowing how to use packing cubes is crucial to maximizing the space in your bag. Assign specific cubes for different categories of items, such as tops, bottoms, underwear, and accessories. This makes it easy to find your essentials quickly without rummaging through your entire suitcase.

Eagle Creek luggage and packing cubes help to maximize space and keep your organized on your next road trip. PLUS now through July 19th, AAA members receive 15% off Eagle Creek products. Let’s check some out:

The Expanse™ 4-Wheel 22`` Carry-On

AAA Member Price: $260.00
Colors: Blue & Black | (22X13.75X9inches) 

This bag is loaded with features including an expansion zipper that gives you two more inches for added storage, built-in attachments for your favorite Pack It™ organizers, and self-repairing, lockable zippers. Constructed using bluesign® certified ripstop and 100% recycled fabrics, you can purchase this bag knowing it’s the most sustainable choice.

Eagle Creek Pack It Essential Set

AAA Member Price: $49.50
Colors: Yellow, Blue & Moss | Covered by Eagle Creek’s Lifetime Warranty

The Eagle Creek Pack It™ Essential Set is a must have 3-piece packing set for any road trip and includes the following three organizers:

Small Compressor Cube Perfect to maximize packing space and keeping small items like socks from getting lost in the car or use it to pack a swimsuit and shorts so you can hit the beach running.

Clean/Dirty Cube This is a GREAT packing cube! It has a floating internal divider that creates two adjusting capacity compartments designed to lock in moisture/odors and separate clean from dirty items – perfect for on-the-road travel.

Shoe Sac Designed to contain shoes – up to men’s size 13 – and odors from the rest of your luggage.  And – if you’re headed to the ocean – keep the sand on the beach – not in your bag thanks to this zippered organizer.

Eagle Creek Pack It Slim Cube Set

AAA Member Price: $23.00
Colors: Yellow, Blue & Moss | Covered by Eagle Creek’s Lifetime Warranty

The Pack-It® Slim Cube Set is made for the active traveler looking to organize all those hard-to-reach places. The Slim Cubes fit perfectly between the handle tubes inside any wheeled luggage. Maximize every square inch of your travel bag with Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ Slim Cube Set.

Eagle Creek Pack It Reveal Garment Folder

AAA Member Price: $27.50
Colors: Yellow, Blue & Moss | Covered by Eagle Creek’s Lifetime Warranty

Pack-It® Reveal Garment Folders are travel’s best-kept secret. Simply fold, stack, and secure your dressier items to keep shirts, slacks, and dresses looking sharp. And good news for travelers who like to do carry-on: The large-size folder measures 17.75 x 12.5 inches and fits inside most carry-on luggage.

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