Fall is in the air – which mean we are officially in a dead heat for the holidays! With the return to school and approaching holidays filling our calendars, commitments seem nonstop. The last thing anyone needs is a battery problem, which can bring you busy days to an unexpected and inconvenient halt.  Keeping your battery clean, along with having a certified technician check it regularly, may be the key to preventing you from missing the big game, getting stuck in your driveway, or stranded in the parking lot with a cart full of groceries.

Extreme weather puts a strain on your battery, which can shorten its life. The heat of summer evaporates critical fluids and can cause overcharging. On the other hand, a cold snap decreases the power a battery provides. That’s why fall is a great time to get rid of any summer corrosion your battery may have collected, so your car will be good to go when the temperatures start to drop.

To keep your battery operating reliably in any season, have a AAA Mobile Battery Technician perform an inspection to determine your battery’s state of health.  The technician will clean the battery cables and determine if your battery is holding a charge, or overcharging due to a faulty voltage regulator or some other problem. Having battery inspections should be part of your regular vehicle maintenance. Schedule a battery check-up every time you change your oil.

A fully charged battery will keep your vehicle on-the-go with confidence, as long as it receives routine care and maintenance. However, batteries don’t last forever; the average lifespan is 3-5 years, and can decrease depending on how it has been cared for, along with the requirements of your vehicle.

When your battery fails unexpectedly, AAA Mobile Battery Service will come to you, almost anywhere you are, and get you back on the road with a replacement battery, installed on the spot. Your charging system will be diagnosed by a AAA Battery Technician, to diagnose your charging system and eliminate the guesswork about the source of your problem. AAA only replaces faulty or failing batteries, and only at your request.

A new AAA battery comes with the best warranty in the industry. You receive a 72-month limited warranty with free replacement for 36 months. Plus, AAA makes the disposal of your old battery more convenient, and better for the environment, with complimentary recycling for every battery replaced.

So as the leaves start to fall, make sure your car is prepared for cooling temperatures which can leave your battery drained, and your plans in a lurch. A little preventative maintenance will help keep your car going strong through the holiday rush, so you can enjoy friends and family at the most wonderful time of the year.

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