BOISE – October 15 marks the beginning of National Teen Driver Safety Week, and AAA is reminding parents to support their teen’s good driving habits.

According to the Idaho Transportation Department, teen drivers in Idaho were at least 2.5 times more likely than all other drivers to be involved in a fatal or injury crash last year, given their population size.  25 people were killed in crashes involving novice drivers in 2022.

“Driver education shouldn’t end with getting a license, any more than coaching ends when an athlete makes the team,” says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde.  “As teens are learning the ropes, a parent or grandparent’s continued feedback may make all the difference.  If you observe risky behavior, please say something.  And, of course, it’s important to set the right example by being a safe driver yourself.”

AAA encourages teens, as well as all other drivers, to avoid distractions behind the wheel, travel at safe speeds for the traffic, lighting, and weather conditions, and always wear a seat belt.  Parents can create a driving agreement with their teen to set clear expectations about safe driving behavior and the consequences for any dangerous activities.