BOISE – It’s pothole season, and AAA is reminding drivers to be aware of changing road conditions in order to prevent an expensive repair bill.

According to new AAA research, 44 million U.S. drivers paid for pothole-related repairs in 2022, a 57% increase from the previous year.  The average repair cost $400.

“Moisture collects in cracked pavement, where it can freeze, expand, and then return to a liquid as temperatures change throughout the day.  As the crumbling pavement is subjected to the weight of passing cars, potholes can quickly form,” says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde.  “It’s important that drivers know what to expect to avoid vehicle damage.”

Here are some tips for dealing with pothole season:

  • Actively scan the road ahead, and drive around any potholes in your path.
  • Avoid driving through standing water whenever possible.  A pothole could be hiding beneath the surface.
  • If you can’t avoid a pothole, safely reduce speed as much as possible and avoid hard braking.
  • Pay attention to new or unusual noises or vibrations after hitting a pothole, and take your vehicle to a trusted repair shop as soon as possible.