Family Keeping their Home Safe While on Vacation

AAA Offers Travelers Peace of Mind

Whether you’re jet-setting across the seas or taking a “stay-cation” nearby, AAA Oregon/Idaho has tips to make your vacation fun-filled and stress-free.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the summer months of July and August have the highest rates of residential burglaries. Since burglars see vacations as an opportunity to target empty homes, it’s important to take necessary precautions to enjoy your time away.

Vacations require preparation and planning just as you ensure all your items are packed for a relaxing time away, it’s also important to take steps to safeguard your home and keep your possessions safe.


Tips to protect your home while you’re away:

1. Lock up.

Dead-bolt window and door locks are the first line of defense to secure your home, since they can slow burglars down and may deter them entirely. Check with your insurance agent for a discount on these devices.


2. Use an alarm.

Invest in an effective burglar alarm that alerts the police, fire department and other emergency services. Check with your insurance agent for a discount on alarm systems.


3. Shut down your computers.

Make sure any personal information on your computer is difficult to access. Disconnect your electronic devices from the Internet to prevent hackers.


4. Keep valuables locked and hidden.

Expensive jewelry, electronic devices and other valuables should be hidden from plain view and placed in safe lock boxes.


5. Make your home look inhabited.

Use timers to turn lights on and off. Temporarily stop newspaper deliveries and arrange to have your mail picked up or held by the post office. An unkempt lawn is also an indicator to burglars that you are away; hire a lawn service to maintain your yard if you will be gone for an extended period of time.


6. Tell someone you trust.

Ask a dependable neighbor, friend or family to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. Alerting the local police will also add a level of security.


7. Use discretion.

Avoid discussing your vacation plans in public places such as at the grocery store or at your local café. Although vacations are exciting, try not to post about it on social media; someone may see your posts and target your home while you’re away.


8. Create a home inventory.

In the event that you do need to file a claim, preparing a home inventory of your possessions beforehand will help make the process easier.


9. Check your insurance policy.

In case you experience theft or damage to your property, ensure that you have the coverage you need.


To find out more about homeowners, condo, or renters insurance, call your agent at 866.222.7868 or visit your local AAA service center to see what discounts you may be eligible for and what type of coverage you might need. And next time you leave on a trip, keep your home safe while on vacation.