Purchase a New Vehicle from AAA Oregon Autosource

Let AAA Oregon AutoSource help you! It’s the perfect storm to purchase a new vehicle: the end of the year is near, financing is low, and rebates are high.

With the end of the year on the horizon, closeout deals on 2019 vehicles are aplenty. Both manufacturers and dealerships are offering great incentives to purchase a new 2019 vehicle, including rebates and low financing. However, as a customer, it can sometimes be hard to know what the best choice and best price is. That’s where our AAA Oregon AutoSource comes in.

Getting a new car, truck or SUV should be an enjoyable experience. One of our professional auto consultants will work with you to figure out what kind of vehicle you want with the pricing and financing that fits your needs. We’ll help you research options, coordinate test drives and negotiate with the dealer on your behalf. You never even have to visit a dealership if you don’t want to!

Our AutoSource consultants can even increase savings on 2019 closeout vehicles. While factory-to-customer incentives must be disclosed to the customer, dealerships do not have to disclose factory-to-dealership incentives. Consultants are often aware of these incentives and can potentially negotiate them into a bargain, ensuring that you’re getting the best deal you can.

Take advantage of 2019 closeouts and reach out to us today to discuss your vehicle needs. Located at AAA Service Centers across Oregon, you’ll receive one-on-one consultation while saving yourself time and avoiding the headache of negotiations.

If buying new is not for you, no problem. We can also help with the purchase of pre-owned vehicles, selling your vehicle, extended service contracts, and financing. To learn more about AAA Oregon AutoSource, visit the website, email us, or call 503-230-1300.