Whether you’re dreaming of a future vacation or making the most of the here and now, AAA has you covered. Our world-class emergency road service and expert travel advice are the perfect companions for your next adventure.

Cellular service continues to improve, but there are still some places along well-traveled roads where a lack of coverage can be a concern. We’re excited to announce that Apple has recently launched roadside assistance via satellite, with roadside services proudly provided by AAA.

Apple’s Roadside Assistance via Satellite technology allows all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 users (with iOS 16.1 or later) in the U.S. to request help when cellular coverage or Wi-Fi is unavailable. AAA members simply verify their membership, and the service will be provided. Due to the emergency nature of these calls, non-members may also receive assistance by paying commercial rates when service is rendered.

AAA Oregon/Idaho received the first-ever request for roadside assistance via satellite shortly after the program launched. According to everyone involved, it was a smooth and worry-free experience! As always, we were pleased to lend a helping hand in a time of need.

While AAA will always have your back during a roadside emergency, it pays to be proactive. To successfully navigate the chilly days ahead, please visit a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility for a quick vehicle inspection. AAA rigorously evaluated more than 7,000 locations to ensure that you’ll receive friendly advice, fair prices, and an excellent warranty on repairs from highly trained professionals. For more information and to locate a shop near you, please visit AAA.com/autorepair.

Of course, winter driving presents some unique challenges. AAA.com/winterprep features detailed information on snow tires and other traction control devices, a list of emergency kit essentials, links to local traffic and weather conditions, tips for driving on wet and icy terrain, and much more. You’ll also find important reminders to winterize your home and prevent damage.

If you’re eagerly anticipating your next vacation, you’re not alone. My wife, Missi, and I are looking forward to the AAA President’s Cruise to Croatia and Greece this summer. No matter where you’d like to go, be sure to visit with a AAA travel agent who can help you plan the perfect getaway and share lots of ideas to make your trip even more memorable.

Whether you’re traveling around the world or heading across town, we’re here to help. To speak with one of my AAA travel colleagues, please call (800) 529-3222 or visit AAA.com/travel.

Where will adventure take you? Please email me at President@AAAOregonIdaho.com or write to me at 600 SW Market St., Portland, OR 97201 or 7155 W. Denton St., Boise ID 83704.

Your fellow AAA member,


Tim Morgan, President and CEO