BOISE – If you’re one of the millions of Americans who will bring a live Christmas tree home for the holidays, please be extra careful.  According to previous AAA research, 60% of those who transport a fresh tree have had one fall off or out of their vehicle in the past.

Here are some of AAA’s tips to keep your tree in great shape and protect other drivers:

  • Use a truck with a rack or a long bed, or a minivan with the back seats removed
  • Ask the tree lot to net the tree to improve its aerodynamics, and use a blanket to protect the roof of your vehicle
  • With the trunk facing forward, use strong rope or tiedowns – not flimsy twine – to tie your tree at the top, middle, and bottom.  Give several tugs from various angles to ensure everything is secure
  • Use back roads on the way home for fewer cars and slower speeds

“Most of us are familiar with the large tree that the Griswold family brought home on their Christmas vacation,” says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde.  “Please make sure that you have adequate visibility, even with a tree on or in your vehicle.  Your first priority is to get yourself and other road users home safely.”