pruning trees as part of the spring home to-do checklist

Spring is here and while we are sheltering safely at home, it can be a great time to catch up on cleaning. Winter can be tough on your home, but the arrival of spring serves as a great reminder to perform a safety inspection to assess and repair any damage.

Small repairs can save you money and headaches down the road.

While you have time at home, add these tasks to your spring home to-do checklist:

Inspect your roof

Look for damaged shingles or tiles and have them replaced, and repair any cracks in the base of the chimney to prevent water damage from leaks.

Trim your trees

Prune tree limbs to keep them away from your home, decks, and outbuildings in case strong winds or rain cause them to break. If a tree is too close to your house, consider having it removed.

Clean out your gutters

Remove leaves, sticks, and other debris so rain from spring showers can flow freely. Secure your gutters and make sure downspouts drain away from your foundation, extending the bottom at least six feet away from your home if possible.

Check for appliance leaks

Look for signs of leakage around your washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, water heater and other appliances. Even small leaks can lead to major damage, so consider installing water sensors that can alert you of water by alarm or mobile app.

Clean your dryer vent

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, nearly 3,000 home dryer fires happen every year, causing $35 million in property loss annually. Cleaning dryer vents could prevent about a third of those fires – and clean your lint trap after every use.

Review your Insurance Coverage

As you work through your spring home to-do checklist, don’t forget to call your AAA insurance agent or 1-866-222-7868 or visit your local service center for more information about auto and home insurance.

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