After traveling to 82 countries and 40+ years later there’s one essential I pack on every trip: a travel towel.  Whether I’m flying or driving to my destination, it’s always a staple in my bag.  It might sound funny to call a towel an ‘essential’ but it’s not just any towel, it’s microfiber, and it has so many uses.

Why Microfiber?

First, what’s so special about microfiber? In general, microfiber towels are small, thin, and light because they are designed specifically for travel.  It’s an extremely fast drying fabric with simple wringing removing 90% of the water – allowing it to dry much faster than standard towels.  It also packs down to the size of a water bottle – so it doesn’t take up valuable space in my bag.  FYI-  microfiber towels wipe the water off your skin instead of absorbing it, which is why they are so quick-drying.

My favorite brand is Gear Aid™ as it resists odors with a powerful antimicrobial treatment and it’s easy to clean. When traveling, I wash it out in the shower and hang to dry with its handy snap loop and when back home I toss it in the washing machine for a good wash.  It also comes with a mesh pouch to help keep my bag organized.

Gear Aid ™ Microfiber Travel Towel
AAA Member price $26.99
Available in Moss, Navy, Mocha
Size:  35” x 62” (almost 3’x5’)

So Many Uses

I’ve used my travel towel for a variety of reasons on so many different occasions: a river cruise bike excursion for a picnic, beach towel on a sailing adventure in the Agean Sea and many years ago as a bath towel trekking in Nepal (btw – it’s the perfect gift for any adventure traveler or camper you know).  It’s especially perfect for beach trips – for wiping sand off wet feet – with the plus being the sand shakes right off the towel, unlike cotton which stays wet and sand sticks to forever!   My favorite use?  As a blanket on the plane.    And, when I am not flying, I keep it in my car to use when someone likes the a/c set to ‘freezing’.

Top ten reasons to pack a microfiber travel towel on every trip:

  1. Beach Towel – save valuable vacation money on a beach towel
  2. Sarong / Cover up – use as a quick pool or beach cover up
  3. Shoulder Wrap – the XL size makes the perfect should wrap on
  4. Blanket on the plane – think freezing a/c from the person sitting next to you
  5. Blanket in the car – think freezing a/c in the summer
  6. Full-size bath towel – smaller hotels often only offer one towel
  7. Drop cloth for a picnic – perfect to sit on damp grass or as a tablecloth
  8. Traveling with pets – wipe off puppy feet before getting back in the car
  9. Sporting events – stay warm in the stands or on the side lines
  10. Outdoor concerts/Farmers markets – sit on or use as a blanket when cold in the evening

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