No matter where your next trip will take you – here are three problem solving travel products to consider packing to make your journey a little easier and more organized:

Lewis N’ Clack Digital Luggage Scale | AAA Member Price: $23.99

There is only one thing worse than having to lug an overweight bag around on your trip – and that’s having to pay for it.  Be sure to check your airline’s weight restrictions and avoid overweight baggage fees by weighing your bag before you head to the airport.

This lightweight portable luggage scale is a great item to have on hand – especially for chronic over-packers – and is easy to use:  just loop it around the handle of your bag, lift,  wait for the beep and read the weight.  It weighs up to 90 lbs. and adds only 3 oz – including the batteries that come with it – to your packed bag.

Expert Tip!  Lots of souvenirs to bring home and no scale? Ask at your hotel – many have a scale available at the front desk – or in the gym –  giving you time to repack an overweight bag.

Lewis N’ Clack Waterproof Magnetic Phone Pouch | AAA Member Price: $23.99


One item I wish I had packed on a trip to Costa Rica:  A waterproof phone pouch. Between ziplining in the rain forest and scuba diving in the ocean – it was a constant worry my smartphone would fall out of my Ziploc bag and be ruined or lost forever – along with priceless photographs.

I’ve since discovered and now travel with the Lewis N’ Clark waterproof pouch which has a double magnetic closure that automatically seals for watertight protection.  The durable BPA-free transparent material allows you to take crystal clear pictures and videos, even when you’re underwater – which makes it great for beach vacations and cruises.  In addition, it has an adjustable lanyard that can be worn around your neck or wrist – ensuring you won’t lose it along the way.

Expert Tip!  It’s also handy for protecting credit cards, wallets, and more.


Talus Magnetic Hooks [Set of Four] | AAA Member Price: $11.50


Magnetic hooks might sound like an odd item to pack  –  but if you’ve been on a cruise you know ships cabins can have few places to hang things.   And keeping a small space organized – especially if sharing it with someone else – is the secret to vacation happiness.

These ultra-strong magnetic hooks are the answer.  They attach to any metal surface – i.e. ships walls  –  and make it easy to locate things quickly like swimsuits, towels and sun hats on your way out the door to the pool.

Expert Tip!  Don’t pack magnets near electronics.


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