Ready, Set, Pack!

No matter where your next journey takes you, choosing the right carry-on bag is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.  You need to ensure your carry-on bag is large enough to carry all your important items – like medications and valuables – but not too big that it must be checked through.

Here are tips for choosing a carry-on bag:

#1  Know Your Airlines Carry-on Luggage Rules

Airline carry-on rules vary – always confirm with your airline what their size and weight restrictions are.  Most allow one personal bag – generally no larger than 9’ x10’ x17” and one carry-on bag – generally 9” x 14” x 22”.   Worried your bag might be too big?  Avoid same day travel stress and take your bag to the airport before your trip – to ensure it fits in your airline’s sizer box.

If it’s time for a new carry-on, be sure to invest in a quality bag – like Delsey’s Chatelet Air 2.0  – with spinner wheels that make it a breeze to ‘fly’ through airport terminals with ease.  A few nice features of this bag include: a TSA-accepted combination lock as well as a laundry bag and shoe bag for organized packing.


Delsey Chatelet 2.0 Air Spinner Bag
Available White, Navy
Member Price $269.99

#2  Pack Your Handbag Inside Your Personal Bag

A personal bag is defined as a purse, small backpack, or laptop/computer bag.  Utilize every inch of allowable space by packing a smaller handbag – inside a larger ‘personal bag’ – filling up extra space with additional items.

The Delsey Foldable Tote makes an ideal personal bag – it’s ‘squishable’ to fit under the seat in front of you and stays upright – making it easy to find things you might need in flight.  It also has a luggage sleeve to secure it over the handle of any carry-on bag.

The Delsey 2.0 Chatelet Air Foldable Tote
Available White, Navy
Member Price $71.99

#3  Always Have a Back-up Plan 

It happens:  You double checked to make sure your carry-on bag is compliant and at the last minute the airline says you have to check it.  Be prepared by packing a small expandible tote in your carry-on your bag. Before you hand your bag over –  quickly transfer any important items – like medications and valuables – into this smaller tote bag.

The Blu Bag Expandable Tote is my favorite for so many reasons:  packed in its own travel pouch it’s only 4”x5” but expands to 9” x24” bag when needed – it holds up to 50 lbs. – and is machine washable. It’s also my go-to-eco-bag for outdoor markets and souvenir shopping.

Three Travelpro® Platinum Elite bags to consider for your next adventure:


Blu Bag Expandible Tote
Available in a variety of designs
Member Price $10.00

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