Products to beat the heat

Tips for staying cool at home and on the go and products to beat the heat.


Invest in a Great Hat

beat the heat with a great hat

Your dermatologist will thank you. Your skin will thank you. And you’ll look awesome! There are a lot of fantastic hats out there, for whatever style you favor. We like Tilley Hats especially, because not only are they built light weight, with optimal airflow in mind, but they are guaranteed for life!


Cover Up

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If you’re out in the sun a moisture-wicking, lightweight cover-up is a great option for protecting your skin. Make sure it’s breathable, and won’t stick to you when you get sweaty. For our pick of a great summer shirt, check out our review of the Columbia Tamiami™ II Long Sleeve shirt, below.


Wipe Down

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Sweaty and hot from frolicking in the sun? Wipe down with a cool, wet cloth or pre-moistened wipe.  Just be sure you re-apply sunscreen after! Individually packaged goodwipes™ are made specifically for cleaning up when you don’t have the chance to shower, and are hypoallergenic and alcohol free, so your skin won’t dry out.


Stay Hydrated


Especially if it’s extra hot or you’re on the move. There are a lot of water bottle options out there these days if you’re trying to be eco-friendly. Our current favorite is the ÖKOPURE™ bottle (only $4.49 for AAA Members.) Made to enhance the taste of tap water, it’s BPA and toxin free, and the replaceable coconut shell filter (good for 40 refills) is even compostable.


For these products to beat the heat and more check out your local AAA Travel Store!


Featured Spotlight:
Columbia Tamiami™ II Long Sleeve Shirt

Tamiami white cap 2

Columbia’s Tamiami™ II Long Sleeve shirt may have been designed for fishing, but it’s perfect for  everything from dinner on the boardwalk, to covering up while hiking Mt. Hood. Made from breathable polyester ripstop fabric, with a mesh-lined vent at the center back, and Omni-Wick™ technology that actively pulls moisture away from your skin this is a perfect warm weather garment. It also features Omni-Shade™ UPF 40, giving maximum protection for long hours in the sun. Available in men’s and women’s sizes at select AAA Oregon/Idaho locations.