You don’t want to worry about personal security when you’re traveling, but it’s hard to avoid. Few things ruin a trip quite like having your money and ID lost or stolen. But how do you avoid letting security concerns overwhelm your enjoyment of your trip? The AAA Oregon/Idaho Travel Store has some advice.

personal security with the coversafe v75

Coversafe V75 RFID blocking neck pouch (AAA Member Price $19.95)

First- if the loss of an item would ruin your trip (like your passport or credit card) it should be kept in a security wallet. These come in a couple of different forms, the two most popular being the neck wallet and the money belt. Both styles are worn under your clothes and only accessed when you’re in a secure location. Travel Expert Anne McAlpin recommends keeping a small amount of money on hand in your purse or pocket for minor expenses throughout the day (like gelato) but that any large sums or cards stay in this hidden wallet.

metrosafe ls200_30420100_black_main

Metrosafe LS200 medium crossbody bag (AAA Member Price $72.95)

Second- invest in an anti-theft bag.  Again- your passport, credit card and the bulk of your cash should stay in your security wallet, but that still leaves your guide book, phone, walking cash and sunglasses in your day bag, and you don’t want to lose those either.  The easiest bag to keep an eye on is a cross-body bag carried in front of you. Some bags, like the bestselling Pacsafe Metrosafe LS200 crossbody bag, include lock-down technology which allows you to secure your bag to a fixture (like your chair at the restaurant).  The Metrosafe LS200 also has features like locking zipper pulls and a patented eXomesh® slashguard built into the fabric. This lightweight stainless steel wire mesh extends the full length of the bag and, along with a stainless steel wire in the strap, helps to protect you from slash-and-run theft.

RFIDsafe_V50_10550100_black_main cropped

RFIDsafe V50 anti-theft RFID blocking compact wallet (AAA Member Price $22.95)

Third- protect your data. RFID payment technology was designed to add convenience to everyday life, but it can also offer a way for thieves to obtain your data via scanner without ever reaching into your bag. RFID blocking technology in bags and wallets keeps these signals from getting through, so your data remains private.  The RFIDsafe™ V50 anti-theft wallet from Pacsafe combines this technology with a cut-resistant, Dyneema® reinforced web strap, so your belongings are both physically and electronically secured.

For these, and other great personal security travel products, visit your local AAA Travel Store.