BOISE – March 4 is the beginning of Vehicle Safety Recalls Week, and AAA is reminding vehicle owners to complete necessary repairs with a sense of urgency.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2022, there were more than 1,000 active safety recalls affecting more than 31 million vehicles and other equipment in the United States alone.

“When a part failure or safety concern rises to the level of a recall, previous occurrences are not being dismissed as trivial or as outliers.  At that point, there is a serious chance that other vehicles of a similar make and model may encounter similar challenges,” says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde.  “Like checking your smoke detector batteries, AAA and NHTSA recommend a quick search in NHTSA’s open recalls database twice a year for all of your vehicles.  It’s an easy process, and it may result in a timely repair that prevents death or injury.”

To check for a recall, visit and enter your vehicle’s 17-digit VIN.  The database stores information on recalls for at least the past 15 calendar years.  In seconds, you’ll know if your vehicle is subject to an open safety recall.  You can also sign up for recall alerts – if your car is included in a future recall, you’ll receive an email notification.

If your vehicle is affected, contact your nearest dealer to schedule a recall repair, which will be completed at the expense of the vehicle manufacturer.

“Please, don’t put off something this important – for example, there are still plenty of vehicle owners who have not addressed the air bag recall that has been in effect for years,” Conde said.  “We understand that sometimes, people are afraid of what they’ll find out, and having your car in the shop is never convenient.  But the safety risks are too great to ignore.”

Additional AAA advice

  • Be proactive.  On some occasions, vehicle manufacturers may have your contact information and can alert you to a recall.  But it pays to double-check.
  • Consult NHTSA’s database before purchasing a used vehicle – it’s helpful to know if it will need repairs before it’s road worthy.  If you’re buying from a dealer, you may be able to negotiate the completion of recall repairs before purchasing the vehicle.
  • Stay current on vehicle repairs and maintenance.  A trusted mechanic may spot a safety issue during a routine service appointment.
  • Speak up!  All recalls begin with vehicle owners sharing their observations.  Submit a safety complaint at or by calling the agency’s Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236.  Even one complaint could merit the consideration of a safety recall.

“The busy summer driving season will be here before you know it,” Conde said.  “Now is a great time to ensure that your car will facilitate life’s adventures rather than hinder them.”