BOISE – As Idaho drivers face freezing temperatures and frosty windshields, AAA is sharing tips to help them see and be seen:

  • Clear away ice and snow from windows, lights, the roof, and your hood – anything that could obstruct your vision or that of another driver
  • Wipe grime from headlights, brake lights, and your back-up camera
  • Don’t use hot water to melt ice on your windshield – the thermal shock could crack it
  • Don’t tap your glass to dislodge ice
  • Replace skipping or streaking wiper blades
  • Use a washer fluid with deicing properties

“It can be really tempting to clear away just enough to see the road ahead, but please remember that your windshield and windows exist for a reason – to provide the most comprehensive view possible for safe driving,” says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde.  “Visibility is critical to the safety of all road users, especially because icy roads, fog, and increased dark hours may require even more reaction time than you might otherwise need to prevent a crash.”