Does this sound like you? Do you:

  • Own your home?
  • Own an auto, boat, motorcycle, snowmobile, jet ski, or other recreational vehicle?
  • Have teenage drivers in your family?
  • Live in a nice neighborhood or drive an expensive vehicle?

If any of these apply to you, there is always a chance that, despite your best precautions or intentions, an accident or mistake could happen. Before it does, make sure your assets are protected from any legal judgment that could surpass the liability coverage limits on the insurance you have on your auto, home and other property. Protect your family’s future. Get the peace of mind that comes with a Personal Excess Liability Policy (PELP).*

A Personal Excess Liability Policy, also known as an “Umbrella” policy, helps bridge the gap between the amount of any legal judgment against you and the liability coverage of your existing policies.

This valuable policy offers added liability protection you may need if someone is injured on your property or hurt in an accident involving your auto, boat, recreational vehicle or snowmobile. The coverage even protects against other liability claims** that may not be covered by your existing polices, including Defamation of Character, Libel, Slander or False Arrest.

Bridging Your Coverage Gaps

As the name implies, an Umbrella policy provides an added layer of protection on top of your existing auto and homeowner insurance policies. Further, you’re assets are protected with the coverage amount of your policy, plus the liability coverage amount from your existing auto or home policy. You get the $1 million Umbrealla protection in addition to the liability coverage provided by your auto or home policy.

Let’s say you have:

    • $1 million of personal excess liability coverage.
      $300,000 of auto or homeowner liability coverage (a common limit with most auto and home policies).

If, for example, someone slipped on your porch, and was injured, and you were sued for $1 million. Your homeowner policy would cover the first $300,000 of the lawsuit costs, and your Umbrella policy would cover the additional $700,000. Some umbrella policies (for example, MetLife’s PELP*) also helps pay your legal defense costs, which can be substantial and are often not covered by your basic policies.

Simple… and Affordable Coverage

Most importantly, umbrella coverage is extremely affordable, easy to add and available in amounts from $500,000 to $5 million.

Whether you’re a new customer or already have coverage with a AAA insurance provider, you can secure this added protection for a lot less than you may think! To learn more about how we can help you build your own personal safety net, Call 866-AAA-QUOTE or contact a AAA Insurance professional, visit your local AAA service center for details.

This content was provided by MetLife Auto & Home©.

* Personal Excess Liability Policy (PELP) is the coverage provided by MetLife Auto & Home©. AAA Insurance Agency provides a variety of different Umbrella policies, including PELP, depending on your needs.

** Non-business related. A $500 deductible applies to a covered claim where underlying coverage is not required (a $1,000 deductible applies in Texas).


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