In-flight Comfort

Whether you love it or hate it, air travel can present a wide range of challenges when it comes to your personal comfort. While you can’t control who sits next to you or how much turbulence you’ll hit, there are many things you can do to make your next trip more comfortable. Create you r own in-flight comfort kit.

Drink water

Because air inside the airplane is re-circulated, cabins tend to be dry. To combat that dryness and to help your body adjust to any time difference you’ll experience on arrival, pack an empty bottle you can fill with water after you pass through security to stay hydrated during your trip.

Make yourself an “in-flight comfort kit”

Before you squish yourself into that tiny airplane seat and buckle in, think about what will make you most comfortable during your flight. Then create your own in-flight travel to bring on the plane. You’ll find our favorite suggestions below – along with a convenient packing cube that will keep your supplies from getting forgotten in the seat-back pocket. Safe (and comfy) travels!

A multi-purpose blanket


At 35″ x 62″, the extra-large Microfiber Towel by Outgo® is large enough to use as a blanket and also works as a sarong or scarf in a pinch. Made from super-absorbent microfiber, it’s more compact and dries faster than a normal bath towel.  (AAA Member price $26.50.)

An inflatable neck pillow and/or lumbar pillow


The Eagle Creek Exhale inflatable neck and lumbar pillows are easy to condense and to inflate – and the removable cover is hand-washable…just in case you get caught next to a drooler.  (AAA Member price $25.50-$26.95.)


An inexpensive set of foam earplugs or earphones can make the difference between a manageable flight and an unbearable one. You can also opt for EarPlanes – which are designed to help relieve ear pressure during your flight. (EarPlanes®, AAA Member price $7.65.)

A snack

Don’t rely on the cabin crew to bring around that tiny bag of peanuts or pretzels. Come prepared with your own energy bars, candy, or dried fruit to make a short flight more pleasant. If your flight is longer, stash a sandwich or salad in your bag for a healthier and more satisfying meal than what the airline will likely provide.

Here are other suggestions to include in your comfort kit:

    • Sleep mask
    • Reading glasses
    • Lip balm
    • Book or eReader
    • Phone charger or backup power supply
    • Tissues
    • Gum
  • Teabags or instant coffee

Putting it all together

Kompressor Kube BLue

Show off your style and your organizational skills with the small Kompressor Kube from LiteGear®. Made of ultra-lightweight rip-stop polyester, it weights just four ounces and is also water and stain resistant. In its compressed state, it fits easily into most seatback pockets and still holds a lightweight blanket and inflatable pillow. It also has a unique, zippered top pocket that is perfect for keeping your earplugs or earphones and lip balm easily accessible. (AAA Member price $13.50).

Need help creating the ultimate in-flight comfort kit for your next flight? Stop by your local AAA Travel Store to talk to one of our Member Service Representatives before your next trip and we’ll find all the right supplies to help you hit the friendly skies.