As we’re starting to head back to travel there’s a lot to think about – especially if you’re traveling solo.  Start by researching your destination for travel updates (two excellent resources include and and be sure to pack plenty of PPE (masks, sanitizer wipes, etc.) And as always, call a AAA Travel Agent if you need helping in planning your journey!

Whether you’re an experienced solo traveler or heading out on your own for the first time, it’s important to make personal safety a priority.  Here are five items to consider for your next trip.

traveling solo

Travel Door Alarm
AAA Member Price $13.99

This loud attention getting alarm – 91dB – will give you peace of mind whether traveling solo or at home.  Hold the thin blades together and slide them into the crack between the door and doorframe, loop the cord around the door handle, and set alarm. It’s that simple.

Weighing less than 2 ounces, it easily fits in a purse, backpack, or suitcase.  With two lithium button cell batteries included, it comes fully operational and ready to use.


Stay powered up when Traveling Solo

Z-Gear Power Bank 6000 mah
Member Price $26.99

Staying connected when traveling is always  important – especially when traveling solo.  A fully charged power bank – like the Z-Gear 6000 – allows you to charge your portable device with Lightning, Type C or Android whenever you need it.

It provides up to 3 full charges for most devices – and it even has a flashlight built in!


     Travelling solo with RFID security    Secure RFID for solo traveling

RFID Neck Security Wallet
AAA Member Price $17.99

Keeping your valuables safe should be a top priority. This hidden neck wallet – designed to be worn undercover – features four compartments for storing credit cards, passport, smartphone, and cash.  

Special lining blocks unauthorized RFID scans, and the TravelDry™ fabric whisks moisture away from your skin. The fully adjustable lanyard can be customized to fit specific needs – a good choice for easy access if wearing dresses while traveling. Available in black, tan and olive.


security waist wallet for solo travelingProtection for travelling solo


RFID Waist Security Wallet
AAA Member Price $17.99

As an alternative to the neck security wallet, some travelers prefer a waist option.  Made with the same high tech fabric – it features two zippered compartments to carry all your valuables – including smartphone – without worrying about the wallet in your back pocket or your purse being snatched away.

The elastic belt can be extended up to 50in using the easily adjustable buckle.  Available in black, tan and olive.


TSA Cable Lock
AAA Member Price $11.95

A dual purpose combination lock and cable are great for added security when traveling solo.  Use the TSA lock on a checked bag to allow airport security access to your suitcase when you’re not with it – and add the additional 4 ft cable at your destination when you need to attach your belongings to a fixed object –  or secure multiple bags together.

You can even use it as bike lock in a pinch!


Travel Smart: Travel Tips You Should Know

As we gear up for travel, now is a good time to prepare for your next trip.  Join AAA and Travel Expert Anne McAlpin for a fun new virtual event on travel tips you should know.  With thirty years of travel experience, Anne will be covering:

  • Organizing your money, passport and travel documents
  • Packing personal care items
  • How to choose the best day-bag
  • And more!

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