September might sound early to start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas travel, but you should plan out your holidays now. We’re here to guide you through the season.

Vital information on holiday airfare together with our Travel Guides and TripTik Travel Planner can help ease the stress and overload associated with holiday travel.

Holiday Airfare

Holiday travel is hectic enough without waiting last minute for a ticket. The best deals to book a flight for Christmas and Thanksgiving are between September 25th and October 27th. If you’re booking during those dates you’re more likely to find better deals and increased flight availability for your trip.

If you want to avoid congestion at the airport and the headache of heavy lines, consider booking your Thanksgiving and Christmas trips strategically.


Flying out on the Monday before Thanksgiving often provides the lowest average ticket prices and tends to be a lighter travel day. The cheapest ticket for travel is for Thanksgiving Day and the most expensive on the 26th and 27th.


Consider booking your flight on Christmas Eve, which consistently has the lowest average ticket price and tends to be the lightest travel day that week. Avoid flying out the day after Christmas as it has the highest average ticket price of the holiday week. The busiest travel days for Christmas are predicted to be December 21st – 23rd.

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Online Travel Guides

If you’re planning a vacation around the holidays, make sure you have a clear itinerary. Because travel during this time is so heavy, it can be hectic and chaotic to figure out what you want to do.

Our Travel experts research and compile information putting together comprehensive and easy-to-use Travel Guides for you.

Our AAA Travel Guides offer information to make your travel planning efficient and easy. Each travel guide lists the best attractions, food, family  activities,  sightseeing, transportation details, suggested itineraries and more.

TripTik® Travel Planner & Maps

Our mapping resources and travel planners can help make your journey. Members get exclusive access to our extensive library of maps, guides and more. Whether you want to download the content or order print publications, we can help.

TripTik Travel Planner allows you to create a personalized map for road trips. You can explore destinations with turn-by-turn directions using our online system. If you want to save your routes, you can do so and have them ordered and printed to take along with you.

You know we have them — maps! If you want to order a map, simply visit our website to fill out an order form. You can choose to ship them to your home or pick them up. Our wide varieties of U.S. and Canadian city, state and regional maps have helped travelers enjoy their trips for many years.

We’re Here for You

Though it’s only September, now is the time to book and prepare for your holiday travel. We know holidays are stressful and we want to make it easy.

Visit to explore and book your flights, hotel, cars, etc or reach out to a local AAA Travel Agent near you to get started on your holiday trip planning.

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