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Alaska is like nowhere else on earth!  Big, wild, majestic, rough.  Alaska and the Yukon, often referred to as the Great Land, is a territory the size of California, Arizona, Delaware and West Virginia combined.

With awe-inspiring natural beauty, an abundance of fascinating wildlife, ice-age glaciers the size of Rhode Island, and breathtaking northern lights illuminating the sky, Alaska provides a vacation experience like no other.  There’s something fascinating and fun for everyone with a full variety of activities throughout the state.

Whether you cruise to Alaska in relaxed comfort or choose an exciting guided land tour, or a combination of both, you’ll experience a number of breathtaking “Alaska moments” to remember.


View Amazing Wildlife

Spectacular views, crystal clear lakes and soaring mountains are all part of Alaska’s charm. But nothing is more enamoring than its stunning wildlife. There is something simply magical about watching a whale majestically breach the surface of the ocean.  Be amused as you spy on a heavily populated colony of seals barking and basking in the sun as the males protect their harems. Bald eagles are plentiful and sometimes gather by the hundreds in the tall evergreens along the shore.  And when on land, you might be lucky enough to encounter a moose traffic jam as residents pause to let the magnificent giants pass.

Make time to take a guided tour through a national park or wildlife refuge to see bears, mountain goats, and caribou or enjoy a boat tour and catch a glimpse at entertaining otters and pods of porpoises. No matter where you go in Alaska, you’ll find an amazing variety of northern wildlife.


Explore Alaska’s National Parks

Alaska is home to 17 national parks, with a land mass equaling two-thirds of the entire U.S. national park system. From wild mountain ranges and ancient volcanoes to raging rivers and vast tundra, the national parks in Alaska provide a diverse collection of sightseeing opportunities. Denali, the largest, is six million acres of wild land, bisected by one ribbon of road and has as its crowning masterpiece, Mount McKinley, North America’s tallest peak. Wild animals large and small roam unfenced lands, living as they have for ages.  Travelers are overwhelmed by the solitude, tranquility and natural beauty of this wilderness.  And there are 16 more to see!


Cruise to a Glacier

Conveniently cruise out of Seattle or Vancouver, BC to Alaska, visiting such ports as Juneau, Sitka or Skagway, Ketchikan and Victoria BC.  Longer cruises might also take in Anchorage (Seward), Homer and Kodiak.  You’ll cruise enormous blue rivers of ice that once formed the Alaskan mountains.  Over 200 years ago ice extended to the sea. Now the glaciers have retreated 65 miles up Glacier Bay, leaving the newest places on earth in their wake.  You may see towers of ice the size of buildings calving and falling into the sea. This sound the native Tlingit call White Thunder, as the ice breaks free and crashes wildly into the sea.


Experience Flightseeing

To see Alaska from an aerial perspective is to appreciate its majesty and scale.  Flightseeing is the quintessential Alaskan experience.  With your nose pressed eagerly against the glass, you’ll view the bottomless blue crevasses of massive glaciers or maybe follow a black bear as it forages for food.  You can customize your flightseeing by choosing to journey by helicopter, floatplane or twin-engine craft.  Or relax in Ketchikan and watch floatplanes take off and land from a comfortable, cozy deck chair!


Share Alaska’s Rich Culture

Native and cultural diversity abounds in Alaska. From traditional music and dance to cultural demonstrations by native artisans to delicious culinary events, there are many opportunities to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Alaska.


Fresh Air and Savory Cuisine

What could be better than pristine mountain air and the delicious aromas of fresh Alaska king salmon on the grill?  Or how about grilled venison with wild mushrooms, or halibut with corn risotto pudding?  Yummm!  With an abundance of fresh ingredients in this great land of plenty, you’ll have your choice of mouthwatering cuisine.


Plan Your Dream Vacation

Alaska . . . it’s a big territory with lots to see and do.  Whether your interests lie in exploring the history of the Russian immigrants and native Alaskans, or lean more toward outdoor activities like dog mushing, or maybe a relaxing cruise through Alaskan waters, let AAA help you start planning for your adventure of a lifetime.


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