Now is the time to think about those cooler days and year-end holidays! AAA travel advisors say even though most people book holiday travel in late September and October, now is the best time to make holiday plans. They explain why it pays to plan ahead and share which destinations trending for 2023.

Nonstop Flights Fill Up Quickly

Most travelers want to skip layovers and get right to their destination. That means nonstop flights, especially those going cross-country and internationally, will fill up fast. “Many travelers wait to pinpoint the cheapest prices, but that gets tricky because if you wait too long there will be very few non-stop options left. Being stuck with a flight with many layovers may not be worth the discounted price.” Said Doreen Loofburrow, the VP of travel and operations at AAA Oregon/Idaho.


Book Now Before Most Families Do

Most families aren’t thinking about the holidays quite yet. That’s why you should be! Here in Oregon and Idaho, the rain begins around October which is when the ideas of winter getaways tend to flood into the heads of locals. While you may not be craving a getaway now, know future-you will be in a few months’ time. Plan now to get the best selection of travel options.


More People are Gifting Experiences Instead of Presents

AAA travel advisors say they’re seeing more people gift travel experiences to loved ones instead of presents. That means those people are already thinking about the holidays. Travel has been on the minds on many recently, meaning this coming holiday season will be packed with travelers. If you want to claim good deals on trips whether it’s for yourself or someone else, now is a great time to do so.


YOLO (You Only Live Once) is Replacing Bucket Lists

After three years of a pandemic, many travelers are tackling their bucket lists now! “There is a booming sense of adventure circulating now, almost as if people have an ‘it’s now or never’ attitude about visiting travel destinations. People are itching to go explore the world more now than ever.” Said Doreen.


Europe, Cruises, and Theme Parks Sell Out in Advance

European travel is booming this year, and the holidays will be no exception. AAA travel advisors say touring Christmas markets in Europe is extremely popular and itineraries sell out in advance.

River cruises are also in high demand during the holidays, along with Caribbean cruises. Theme parks are a holiday favorite among families with kids when students are on winter break, some already getting booked all the way out to Christmas 2024!


If you have an inkling that you will want to travel this holiday season, AAA says to get ahead of the game and begin booking now, because you will not be the only one!

For holiday travel ideas and vacation bookings, reach out to a AAA travel advisor or browse Trip Canvas for inspiration and top trending destinations. Check out AAA Diamond hotels and restaurants for the best places to stay and dine during your trip.