Many of our travel plans for 2020 are unfortunately still on pause. As we patiently wait for conditions to improve so we can explore the world again, many of us have been dreaming about where our next travel adventure will be.

We asked AAA Travel Agent Ashley Andrews where she’ll go once international travel gets the green light. Ashley is dreaming of Japan.

dreaming of japanDreaming of Japan

Name: Ashley Andrews 
Role: Certified Travel Agent
Dream Destination: Japan

Have you been to this destination before?

Not yet! Hopefully soon, though.

What draws you to Japan?

I am very interested in visiting Japan because of their ancient culture, majestic architecture and rich history.

What are your “must-sees” and “must-dos” in Japan?

I would visit Mt. Fuji, stay in a traditional Ryokan for at least one night, and visit many temples and pagodas. I am interested in the smaller cities and historic Japan, rather than the modern, technological aspect of it. You would find me wandering the streets of Kyoto or Aomori taking in the scenery and the captivating culture.

Do you think US travelers have concerns about traveling to destinations like Japan, where customs and cultures are very different than here in the states?

Japan can be an intimidating destination, as the culture and the language is very different from that of the USA. When visiting these destinations, especially for the first time, I would suggest a cruise or an escorted vacation – you get to enjoy the experience, with a knowledgeable, local native and English speaker, without having to worry about the details.

Have you assisted any members with travels to Asia or Japan? How was their experience?

I have! In fact, I have assisted members with travel plans to Japan and many other Asian countries. They’ve traveled by ocean cruise, river cruise, escorted tour, and independent travel. Everyone has absolutely loved their experiences. Immersing oneself in a culture so vastly different than your own is very enchanting.

Any advice for members thinking about traveling to Asia or Japan?

My advice for traveling to Asia and specifically Japan would be: Don’t wait!

Start planning and saving now. Too many times in life we put our hopes, dreams, and desires on the backburner until they are “feasible,” but if you start preparing for it now, it will be feasible sooner than you think!

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Plan Your Dream Trip

Where we go next might look a little different than it did prior to Covid-19. Some of us will travel closer to home for a while. While others are taking this time to plan the travel adventure of a lifetime. Instead of taking a couple smaller trips throughout the years, many members have shared with us that their next trip will be “the big one”. Whether that’s a multigenerational family vacation to an exotic destination or even a solo trip to that one place you always promised yourself you would make it to someday. Either way, now is a great time to start planning that dream getaway.

To start planning ahead for your next dream vacation contact your local AAA Travel Agent!

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