Do you have a teen driver, a swimming pool or hot tub, or a vacation home or rental property? Do you snow ski or water ski? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions—or if you or someone on your insurance policy is exposed to other potentially risky situations while driving or at home—you may want to consider a personal umbrella policy.

A Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP) is an extra policy that offers significant protection against liability claims or lawsuits for serious personal injury. For example, if your homeowners insurance policy has a $500,000 liability limit, but a catastrophic accident occurs and you are responsible for $1 million in property damage, legal fees and medical bills, a PUP can cover the remaining $500,000.

Consider an umbrella policy if you:

  • Have a young driver on your auto policy: teens are statistically the riskiest drivers on the road, with a crash rate three times that of drivers age 20 and older.
  • Own a swimming pool or hot tub: pools with slides or diving boards can also significantly increase your risk of an accident.
  • Participate in recreational sports or operate recreational vehicles: water sports, snow skiing, and boating can all increase the likelihood of an accident for which you may be liable. Owning watercraft, a recreational vehicle, or a motorcycle can also increase your risk.
  • Own rental property: if you own a vacation home or other rental property, consider a PUP to protect yourself and your assets.

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