Get to Know Mary Holmquist

Mary Holmquist

Our AAA Insurance professionals are working diligently to ensure that your insurance protects what matters most to you. Experienced insurance professionals, like Mary Holmquist, are here to help you find coverage that meets all your needs.

Mary has a strong background in sales and customer service and has successfully built a sizeable book of business with AAA over her five years as an agent in the Beaverton service center.

“AAA has spent decades working to build a trustworthy brand that allows its members to consistently rely on,” Mary said. “This brand foundation allows me to leverage that trust with members shopping for insurance, assuring them that the companies we partner with are going to reflect the same values that AAA has.”

She enjoys having the ability to build relationships with AAA members while continuing to show them that both she and the company are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

When Mary is not assisting her members with their insurance and membership needs she enjoys running and staying fit, cooking, gardening and spending time doing activities with her husband, seven children and their family dog.

To find a local insurance professional, like Mary Holmquist, call or email your local AAA Service Center.