Travel expectations are changing after almost a year and a half of lock-downs, canceled plans, and constantly evolving travel restrictions. Recent guidance from the CDC and other health organizations pertaining to travel suggests better days are on the way for those who wish to travel again.

Travel restrictions in new travel environments are part of new travel expectations


With little to no travel over the last year or so, the demand for travel is high and many AAA members have already started planning for their next adventures.

Travelers’ expectations are also high as they await the opportunity to take their much-deserved vacation. However, as the travel industry slowly begins to rebuild from a period of hiatus, it is important to understand what your next getaway will look like as the industry recovers in this new travel environment.

For members who have traveled recently for the first time since the pandemic began, you may have encountered some pain points you don’t typically experience. For example:

  • Hotels may only offer to-go breakfast options.
  • Housekeeping services may not be offered for the duration your stay.
  • Restaurants in the destination you’re visiting may have reduced hours or may require advanced reservations due to occupancy restrictions.
  • Like other industries in the US, travel is experiencing staffing challenges, so wait times may be longer and certain services may not be available at this time.
  • Flight options are limited due to high demand.
  • Availability for activities, excursions, and tours may be limited.

For those who continued to travel throughout the pandemic, you have already experienced this new travel landscape. It’s important to keep taking these factors into consideration when planning future domestic getaways.

For travelers who haven’t journeyed away from home in the last year or so, these changes may come as an unpleasant surprise and might dramatically alter anticipated vacation experiences.

Packing for new travel expectations


Additionally, if you’re thinking about traveling internationally soon, there are a few new things to consider when planning your trip.

  • Flight options are currently more limited than they have been in the past to certain destinations.
  • You may need proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to enter certain countries, tour with certain partners or sail with specific cruise lines. The COVID-19 test may be at the traveler’s expense.
  • If you plan to visit multiple countries during your trip, each destination may have different travel policies in place.
  • Additionally, insurance may now be required on your next vacation depending on where you’re visiting, what AAA preferred travel partner you’re traveling with and whether you have received your vaccination.


That is why working with a AAA Travel Agent, now more than ever, is so important. We know that members are excited to travel again and our dedicated travel team is here. We’ll not only help you plan your next unforgettable vacation, but to help set clear expectations as to what your next travel experience will look like, now and in the future.

Even in this new travel landscape, you can have incredible vacation experiences with some careful planning. At AAA, we want every vacation to be memorable – for the right reasons. You’ve worked hard for this trip, so we want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your getaway. If the activities, transportation options, excursions, or experiences that you had your heart set on aren’t available this year due to restrictions, consider talking to your AAA Travel Agent about adjusting travel dates to a later time so you can truly get the most out of your vacation.

It will take some time before travel looks like it did prior to COVID-19. It’s important to remember that though we are making great strides to resume travel again. Not all aspects of the travel experience will recover at the same pace. Patience, and having appropriate travel expectations is key for a successful trip.

relaxing travel during a pandemic is possible with appropriate travel expectations


Are you ready to start planning that next grand adventure? AAA Travel Agents are ready to help you get back out there to explore the world once again!

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