Are you headed out for the next great American road trip for Spring Break this year? Are you wondering what you need to keep your car organized and be prepared for everything that your trip might entail? Well then come over to your nearest AAA Travel Store to check out some awesome Road Trip Essentials that will make your Spring Break travels a breeze.


To succeed at any family road trip today you always need to have all your tech items ready to go and fully charged to keep maps and entertainment going.


Tech Charging Cords
A variety of colors and styles for all devices


In order to keep all these devices charged make sure you invest in a high-powered portable charger like the Z-Gear Power Bank which can charge your device up to four times without recharging the device.


Z-Gear Power Bank


At the end of the day it’s important to keep all your items organized! An easy way to do this is with Travelon’s Packing Squares, these colorful organizers come in a 3 pack so there are plenty to share to put cords, headphones and other essentials into.


Travelon Packing Squares



When out on the road with your family for long periods of time your comfort is super important! There is a lot of downtime, so why not catch up on some Z’s. WHile the car is not always the most comfortable place to nap, we have a few tips to hopefully make your nap experience a bit better.

First, block out the harsh sun and it’s reflections with a pair of Bucky Eye Shades. They are contoured to best fir the shape of our eyes AND they don’t let any extra light come in.


 Bucky Eye Shades


Another comfort must-have is a nice travel pillow. Eagle Creek makes some great ones that include a limited lifetime warranty.



Eagle Creek Travel Pillow

Having a good water bottle is essential to staying hydrated on those long road trips! One of the Travel Stores favorites is the Vapur Bottle, which is a collapsible bottle that makes it easy to store when not in use.


Vapur Bottle

We all know the worst part of those long road trips can sharing a hotel bathroom. Why not make that experience slightly more enjoyable by bringing your own Poo-Poouri? It’s a great odor neutralizer that also doubles as an air freshener in a pinch.



Make sure you have good pair of compression socks with you, like the amazing Sockwell socks that the travel store carries. With all that sitting you need to make sure your legs are comfortable and circulation is flowing on those long trips.


Sockwell Socks


When your family is traveling on the road for long periods of time you’ll want to be prepared for anything. That’s why always having your AAA Traveler Road Kit in the car with you is a road trip essential. Make sure you’re prepared for any unforeseen events that take place! face


AAA Traveler Road Kit

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