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As a homeowner, it’s essential to keep up with routine maintenance projects as they will save you from more complicated repairs down the road. One of those regular projects is cleaning your roof gutters, which should be done at least twice a year – usually best to do in spring and fall.

Why you should clean your gutters

There are many reasons why you should clean your gutters. Having gutters weighed down with debris can cause the gutters to pull away from your home, which can cause damage to your roof. When gutters are full of debris, they can cause water to leak onto your roof, causing structural issues or even mold. Another reason is that clogged gutters can harbor insects and rodents, which can become a severe health hazard and lead to home damage.

Keeping your gutters clear also helps prevent ice dams, which form in the winter when snow on your home’s roof melts and runs into the gutters. Ice dams prevent proper drainage and cause damage to the roof and shingles and your home’s ceiling and walls.

Nature... This Close up, shows some one cleaning leaves from a roof top gutter "

How to clean gutters safely

Before cleaning your gutters, make sure you are dressed for the occasion. You should wear an old shirt that you don’t mind ruining and preferably one that is long-sleeved so you don’t get cuts or scratches on your arms. You should also wear some type of gloves to protect your hands. Wearing safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris is also a good idea.

There are different ways to clean your gutters but no matter your choice; it’s essential to do so safely. If you choose to clean from a ladder using things like a pressure washer, a dry vacuum, a leaf blower, or a gutter scoop, roofing experts recommend the following tips:

  • Make sure the ladder is grounded on a solid, flat surface
  • Make sure the ladder is extendable and test its durability before climbing
  • Have someone nearby to make sure you don’t fall while cleaning

If you feel safer on the ground, you can clean your gutters a few different ways by using extension attachments for leaf blowers or wet/dry vacuums, attaching a telescopic water pole to the end of your garden hose, or using a pressure washer.

Whatever method you choose, it’s a good idea to spread a plastic tarp below your workspace to collect all the gunk you will collect from the gutters. This will help protect your lawn and landscaping.

Sound Overwhelming?

Tackling the task of clearing leaves from your gutters can sometimes feel like a daunting chore. If you find yourself hesitant or uncertain about this job, remember that professional services are available in your local area. With their expertise and specialized equipment, they can swiftly and efficiently clear away the debris, ensuring your gutters remain free-flowing and your home stays protected.

Update Your Policy With AAA

For added protection, you might want to consider adding Umbrella Insurance to your policy with AAA in the event the person you hire gets hurt on the job. Umbrella insurance is a type of personal liability insurance that provides protection against catastrophic liability claims.

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