Seven Tips for Organizing Your Luggage

When you are between trips, it is a great time for organizing your luggage for future adventures!

Pull Out Your Luggage and Inspect It

When was the last time you saw your suitcase? Did you ‘loan’ your luggage to a family member and forgot to get it back?  Make sure all your bags are in good working condition: examine the wheels, zippers and handles for wear and tear.  Now’s the time to have any necessary repairs done now while you don’t need it.

Remove Old Bag Tags

Recycle or put nostalgic bag tags in your scrapbook. You don’t want the airlines to get confused on where your bags are headed.

Clean Your Luggage

Check the manufacturers cleaning instructions first – you can easily clean the outside of most fabric and hard sided luggage with a soft cloth or sponge and a mild-detergent with warm water. For the inside, use a hand-held whisk broom to loosen dust and debris and follow up with your vacuums upholstery attachment to get into the corners and pockets.

Since stored luggage can get musty smelling –  leave luggage open in the sunshine for a few hours or sprinkle a small amount of baking soda inside the suitcase to absorb odors – then vacuum out.

Update Your Current Luggage ID tags

Make sure your contact information on your bag tags is current.  For safety reasons, never put your home address on your luggage ID.  Contact information should include your name, cell phone number and instead of your home address, use your email address.  Consider purchasing new bag tags like Linnea Tags (available at AAA OR/ID Travel Stores)  that have a tri-fold insert to keep your contact information out of site until needed.

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Put an ID Tag Inside Your Luggage

ID tags can get torn-off with lots of handling so it’s always a good idea to put your contact information inside your luggage as well.

Take a Photo of Your Luggage

Take a photo of your luggage (including carry-ons) and email it to yourself.  If your luggage gets delayed or lost, you’ll have a current photo to help you locate it and assist with baggage and insurance claims.

Take a Photo of Your Luggage

The benefit of most new fabric luggage is it has anti-microbial properties – which is now more important than ever.  It also is stain and water resistant.  For those who prefer hard-sided luggage: it’s also a good choice in today’s world as it’s easy to wipe down with sanitizer wipes before, during and after your travels.

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