Road & Recreation Atlases
With all the destinations available seemingly at our fingertips, from river cruises in Eastern Europe to guided tours of Mayan ruins, it’s easy to miss the possibilities right in our own back yard. Some people spend a lifetime traveling to every hidden gem in the U.S. and still find something new each trip. If you’ve ever dreamed of setting out in your car to see everything your state has to offer we have a recommendation for you: Benchmark Maps’ Road & Recreation Atlases.

Designed for the outdoor enthusiast these in-depth state atlases offer exceptional detail of Oregon and Idaho- from lava fields and wildlife preserves to mountain ranges.

Atlases are split into three sections: regional highway maps, Recreation Maps, and Landscape Maps™. They also include maps of relevant metro areas and a detailed index. These include listings of not only cities, but also rivers, lakes, state and national parks, and other major physical features. These atlases are field-checked for accuracy, and with straightforward layout and clear legends, making them easy to use and reliable.

The Recreation Maps include detailed listings of state parks, ski areas, fishing and river rafting locations, natural wonders, historic sites, campgrounds, RV parks, and more, along with contact information as available. The Landscape Maps™ take you down to the level of unpaved roads and trails, and have color coding so you can, with only a glance, get a feel for the terrain. Landscape Maps™ indicate points of interest, along with camps, boat ramps, and picnic areas as well. These features make Road & Recreation atlases the perfect companion for a trip into the wilds of our great states. AAA Members can pair them with our AAA Guides for restaurant and lodging recommendations to make your trip complete.

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