Why Travel Enthusiasts Trust AAA Travel

Have you been thinking about planning a much-needed vacation? If you value travel, dreaming of your next trip and planning it can be almost as much fun as the trip itself. But where to begin?

While the internet has made researching destinations easier than ever, it can be overwhelming – even for the savviest of travelers. Instead of spending countless hours sifting through millions of search results, why not turn to a travel agent who can save you time when planning the perfect getaway?

Enter, AAA Travel. With nearly 60 million members, AAA has been the trusted brand for all things travel for more than a century and our knowledgeable and experienced team of dedicated travel agents are ready to show their value with personalized service.

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Members experience the value of AAA Travel on a road trip

A History of Trust

Just five years after its founding, AAA established a bureau of touring information to supply members travel information on roads, hotels, service facilities and motor vehicle laws.

AAA soon began producing its own maps, road logs and series of TourBook® travel guides.

In 1937, AAA began field inspections of lodgings and restaurants. In 1976, the early rating system evolved into the Diamond Rating System for lodgings. A diamond was chosen as AAA’s rating symbol in honor of the association’s 75th anniversary. In 1985, AAA began assigning Diamond Ratings for restaurants. To keep pace with the phenomenal growth in travel abroad, a foreign travel department was established in 1927 to handle steamship tickets and shipment of members’ cars overseas.

Gradually AAA initiated additional services and is now one of the largest and most valued travel organizations in the world, offering complete domestic and foreign travel services via its travel agency network, AAA.com and the AAA Mobile app.

In person value from a AAA Travel Agent relationship

The Modern AAA Travel Agent

There was a time, 20+ years ago, if you wanted to plan and book a trip, you needed the assistance from a travel agent. The image that probably comes to mind is the old school, brick and mortar travel agency with cheesy beach photos pinned to the wall. Back then, this was standard.

When the internet came around and the ability research and book your own vacations became easier than ever, you might have thought the travel agent had gone extinct. This is far from the truth.

As times have changed, so too has the AAA Travel Agent, growing and adapting alongside the industry. They remain an indispensable asset when planning seamless travel experiences. With so many resources available at our fingertips these days, why is a AAA travel agent needed?

Technology, though incredible, has its limitations. There are still some things that online travel booking engines are just not able to do.

Travel booking websites are not only limited in their inventory availability and selection; they lack the flexibility to handle certain complex itineraries and special needs. Even though your travel needs may be very straightforward and basic, there are many circumstances where itinerary requirements go beyond finding the cheapest available hotel room and flight.

You’ve worked hard for this much-deserved getaway. Working with a AAA Travel Agent will provide you with valuable peace of mind knowing that you’re getting everything you want out of your next vacation – and at the best value. As an added benefit, your AAA Travel Agent will provide guidance, recommendations, and offer expert advice .

More than that, AAA Travel Agents are exploring the world. They’ve been to that destination you wish to visit, they’ve sailed on that cruise ship, they’ve dined with the locals and they know what experiences can take a good vacation to an unforgettable vacation. Plus, AAA Travel Agents have valuable preferred partnerships with travel partners, which gives them access to exclusive pricing, package deals, benefits and amenities not available to the public.

While most Americans would consider working with a travel agent to find the best deals, secure upgrades and additional money-saving travel perks, AAA encourages those who travel to keep in mind these additional, valuable benefits:

Saving time 

Planning a trip can take weeks of preparation, and many travelers don’t have that kind of free time. Your AAA Travel Agent will do all the research and make arrangements on your behalf, saving you time.

Saving money

When planning a vacation, AAA members want to know they’re getting the most for their money. And while many websites can compare cruise and vacation package rates, there are many exclusive deals that are reserved for AAA Travel Agents. AAA has built strong relationships with preferred cruise lines, hotels and tour companies who provide special rates, added benefits, and travel value that can’t be found elsewhere.

Planning for the unexpected

Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can cause a dream vacation to turn into a travel nightmare. Whether it’s a natural disaster, canceled flight or a needing to return home early, AAA Travel Agents show their value by making alternate arrangements.

Creating a unique experience

AAA Travel Agents can provide a personalized vacation experience with unique opportunities that travelers might not be able to find on their own. A knowledgeable travel agent can recommend activities based on your unique interests and hobbies.

Providing convenient service

Working with a AAA Travel Agent doesn’t mean going out of your way to drive to a AAA Service Center. These days, much communication can be done through phone, email, or even through video appointments, making it easy for travelers to plan their trips without ever having to leave their home.

However, if you would prefer to meet with a AAA Travel Agent in person, you are more than welcome to visit your local AAA Service Center. To find a AAA Service Center near you, visit AAA.com/locations. You’ll find a list of travel agents working from that location and you can even schedule phone and in-person appointments conveniently from the website.

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Vacation Your Way with AAA

Turn your dream vacation into reality with AAA Vacations® – Our expanded collection of vacations includes cruises, guided tours and independent vacations that offer everything from the traditional to the exotic. Plus, as a AAA Member, you’ll save even more!

River & Ocean Cruises

A cruise is one of today’s most popular vacation options. Whether on the ocean or along a river, a cruise is the perfect vacation for families, honeymooners, couples or singles. Take an Alaska cruise and enjoy whale watching from your private veranda. Enjoy an off-ship excursion and discover the charming riverside villages of Europe, the cradles of history in the Mediterranean or bask in the sun on a private island beach in the Caribbean.

Guided Tours

A guided vacation is a chance to enjoy the story while you see the sights. You don’t have to plan each day’s activities, figure out the important sights, or research the times they open. With a guided vacation, you’ll join a group of 10 to 40 fellow travelers, the daily itinerary is set, and most aspects of your vacation are planned in advance. Having a guide who knows the country, language, and currency can be a real plus. Escorted tours help you maximize every minute of your precious vacation time and visit the most important sites. Expect state-of-the-art motor coaches, English-speaking guides, and in-depth knowledge about what you’re seeing.

Custom & Independent Vacation Packages

If you like to set off on your own, these vacations are right for you. Travel on your own schedule with the option of customized itineraries, pre-arranged air, car, hotel and more.

Rail Journeys

Train travel is gaining popularity here and abroad. A train ride isn’t just a way to get from point A to point B. It’s more civilized, more gracious – and a scenic journey can be a vacation in and of itself. It is one of the most comfortable and least stressful modes of transportation. AAA can help you experience great train journeys at home and around the world.

Check out these exciting rail journeys with Rocky Mountaineer & Amtrak Vacations

Road Trip & Self-Drive Vacations

How long has it been since you planned a good old-fashioned road trip? Touring the U.S. by car can be a great alternative to visiting exotic, far-flung destinations. Whether you’re adventuring alone or with the whole family in tow, AAA can help get ready to hit the road!

Hotels & Resorts

When it comes to finding out about and choosing hotels, a resort or other accommodations, AAA does a lot of the legwork for you. For more than 80 years, AAA has conducted professional, in-person property inspections and published the results for member travelers. AAA’s inventory includes more than 27,000 Inspected & Approved and Diamond Rated hotels across five rating levels – all meeting AAA’s standards for cleanliness, comfort and hospitality.

Car Rental

Sometimes a road trip is better and more liberating when you’re not putting miles on your own vehicle. Sometimes your business trip requires travel beyond your flight. In times like these, renting a car might be a good option. Through AAA, you have the ability to make reservations around the country for seamless access to a rental, regardless of where you’re headed, or where you’re coming from. Discover exclusive discounts & benefits for AAA Members on Hertz rentals!

Theme Park

AAA Members save on amusement parks & attractions. Plan your perfect theme park getaway at Disney Parks , Six Flags, Universal Orlando and more!

Wherever You Want To Go – AAA Can Help Get You There

Business in New York, honeymoon in Paris, vacation in Las Vegas, family trip to Florida; maybe you’ve been-there-done-that before or you’re planning a first-time visit. Either way, let a AAA Travel Agent help you fully discover your next travel destination. Choose hotels and restaurants to meet your needs, taste and budget. Find places to explore, learn more about local attractions and entertainment, and map out your favorite activities, whether you prefer sight-seeing, shopping or finding the perfect pizza. AAA provides all the information you need to customize your journey.

For some vacation inspiration for your next trip, check out these trending destinations for travel in 2021 and beyond:


Immerse yourself in paradise with a stroll along one of Hawaii’s pristine beaches including Oahu’s famous North Shore. Crystal clear waters, soft sand, and beautiful palm leaves make for a relaxing day at the beach with some beautiful views.

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Behold Alaska’s most admired treasures – its ancient glaciers, snow-capped mountains and majestic icebergs. On foot or by boat you are not limited as to how you get to experience these massive glaciers.

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The country of Mexico, also known as the United Mexican States with its 31 states, is situated between the United States and Central America. The diverse country remains ripe with cultural riches, magical towns, and biodiversity. Here, you’ll find everything from superb natural wonders, cosmopolitan cities and stunning architecture to white-sand beach towns and world-famous cuisine and more.

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Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, it’s perfectly natural to keep your head in a cloud forest one day and your feet planted firmly on warm, sandy beaches the next. This rugged Central American country, situated between Panama to the south and Nicaragua to the north, offers vacationers a perfect blend of culture and natural wonders.

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Travel back in time through the layers of extraordinary history in Egypt. Gaze at the pyramids, float down the Nile, explore the magic and mysterious temples and tombs, and connect with the locals.

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Japan is a country with everything to offer. Dramatic mountain scenery, ancient temples and the glittering lights of some of the most expensive real estate in the world can all be experienced within a few hours of travel. Whether you find yourself in a quiet, contemplative garden, a tiny four-seat bar tucked away off a neon alley or even on the slopes of Mt. Fuji watching the sun rise, you’ll come away from Japan feeling like you’ve seen it all.

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US National Parks

Travel through America’s National Parks getting to know the hidden gems and jaw-dropping scenery. With many hiking trails at different levels of difficulty there is a path for everyone! Stunning scenery, hidden caves, and lots of wildlife, it might be a hike but the view is worth it from the top!

View US National Parks Vacations

South Africa

South Africa is all about discovery, revitalizing your spirit and reinventing your thinking. Luxurious resorts, moving township visits, open-air safari game drives and vibrant cities like Cape Town; few destinations can offer such a myriad of enriching experiences.

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Agents seek value for members at AAA Travel

Additional AAA Travel Resources

Along side planning seamless vacations for AAA members, AAA offers many additional benefits and services that will ensure you have everything you need prior to your next getaway.

Sightseeing & Activities

You’ve got your trip on your calendar and now it’s time to book sightseeing activities. With AAA’s preferred Travel Partners the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to take a guided tour, an excursion, visit a museum, or attend an event, there’s an adventure waiting for you.

Find Activities for you Next Vacation

Allianz Travel Insurance

When you purchase Allianz Travel Insurance* through AAA you will also benefit from several special features: 24-hour emergency assistance hotline staffed with multilingual representatives, who can help replace lost tickets and travel documents, help you get access to cash in an emergency, and who may provide assistance during medical or legal emergencies.

View Allianz Travel Insurance Options

AAA Travel Events

In need of some valuable inspiration for your next travel adventure? AAA travel events are a great place to start! Join AAA and our preferred travel partners to learn about breathtaking destinations around the world as well as exciting itineraries and vacation packages available that will suit any travel style.

Register for an upcoming AAA Travel Event

AAA Travel Store

AAA members save every day at the Travel Store, with special member-only prices on all products. Shop luggage and bags, clothing, packing accessories, safety gear and much more, all hand-selected by our team of travel experts. When you plan your trips with AAA, the Travel Store can also assist with:

Check out the AAA Travel Store

AAA Discounts & Rewards

Trust AAA to deliver discounts and rewards on what you use every day at home and when you travel. No coupon clipping or waiting for bargains. Save automatically online and at more than 100,000 locations across the U.S.

Find out more about AAA Discounts & Rewards

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We’re Here to Help You

When you’re ready to start planning for that next vacation, AAA Travel Agents are available and provide value every step of the way to help make the most of your next getaway.

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