Travel starts the minute you walk out your front door – and whether you are traveling five blocks or five time zones, Baggallini bags will make your journey effortless.

Inspired by their love for travel, Baggallini was founded by two entrepreneurial flight attendants who set out over 25 years ago to design the kind of bag they needed for their busy lifestyles. These fashionably functionable bags have been a favorite of mine from the beginning and continue today to be a favorite of the everyday traveler.

Here are three Baggallini choices I always travel with – plus an extra.

Baggallini Go Bagg

Member Price $76.99

After I used the Baggallini Go Bag on my AAA Amalfi Coast Vacation – and realized I could eat gelato and shop without having to put my bag down – it became my favorite travel purse! The size is ideal – not too big and not too small – just enough room for what I needed for a day of sightseeing: a small water bottle, sunglasses/sunscreen, and an inside zipped pocket to keep my smartphone easily accessible for photo opportunities.

I used the removable RFID-protected wristlet to keep euros at hand for small purchases (think lots of coins) and for major shopping I packed an expandible eco-tote in the back outside pocket that came in handy for lots of souvenirs like Tuscan dish cloths and Limoncello.

I liked the design and functionality of this bag so much I now use it as my everyday handbag at home, changing from a dark color in winter to a neutral color for spring and summer.

Baggallini Overnight Tote

Member Price $135.00

The Baggallini Anyday Tote is my go-to personal bag for all my flights.  I utilize every inch of allowable carryon space by first packing my GO Bagg inside this tote. Then I surround it with additional important items I want close at hand, such as my tech cube, comfort kit and snacks.

When boarding the plane, the crossbody strap leaves me ‘hands free’ so I can stash my rolling carryon in the overhead compartment quickly – keeping everyone behind me happy.  I know it will fit under the seat in front of me because it’s squishable – and it slides in/out conveniently keeping everything accessible and easy to find during the flight.

Another great feature is the outside water bottle pocket which keeps it upright and helps me stay hydrated – without taking the chance it might leak inside the bag – as opposed to a backpack which needs to be put on it’s side to fit under most seats.

My favorite feature?  It has a sleeve that fits over my carry-on handle, keeping it attached when I’m running between flights.

Baggallini Crossbody Explorer Bagg

Member Price $63.00

The Baggallini Explorer Crossbody Bag is my new favorite small bag. I packed this bag for my Rhine River Cruise – taking up barely any room in my luggage – and it was the perfect size to use onboard and ashore when I just needed a few things: quick access for my smartphone for photos, ID, stateroom key, glasses, lip balm, etc.

EXTRA: Baggallini Compression Packing Cubes

Member Price $31.50 (Set of Three)

Baggallini Long Compression Packing Cube

Member Price $15.50

And as a bonus … since I’m all about packing I want to include Baggallini Compression Packing cubes.  My favorite is the long cube:  this ingenious design fits on the bottom of my luggage between the handles – maximizing that awkward packing space we all know about.

Simply pack items, close the main zipper and ‘compress’ down with the second zipper along the outside edge. Voila: extra space! With clear panels on top to help find my essentials at-a-glance and ventilated mesh to keep things fresh – you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

And I have found another great use for these cubes at home:  they are the solution to my sock drawer chaos!

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