“If you want to get away from it all, don’t take it all with you!”

                    -Anne McAlpin

With almost every airline charging $25+ for your first checked bag and $50+ for overweight bags (each way!), it’s more important than ever to pack smart.

Travel Smart, Pack Light

The following Travel Smart, Pack Light tips from packing expert Anne McAlpin can help make sure that your luggage is a help on your trip, not a hindrance.

  • Pack all of your heavy items (hair dryer, shoes, electrical converter, etc.) on the bottom of your bag. Stuff your shoes with socks, hose, underwear, anything that won’t wrinkle easily.
  • Packing bulky items like sweaters in [compression] bags can create up to 75% more space in your bag. In addition to keeping all of your items organized, clean and protected, reusable compression bags will also seal in odors and moisture, so they’re great for dirty laundry on the way home.
  • Women’s shoes pack neatly inside men’s shoes. This saves space and the women’s shoes are nicely protected.
  • To pack a necklace to avoid kinks, thread through a straw, and then place inside a travel toothbrush holder to protect it from getting crushed in your bag.
  • The contents of a suitcase will settle, leaving more space for additional items if packed the day before departure. Pre-packing allows peace of mind and time to clean out the refrigerator.

“When in doubt, leave it out!”

Tips taken from Pack It Up by Anne McAlpin.

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These events focus on how to prepare and pack light for any trip. Anne has taught thousands of travelers how and what to pack, and addresses today’s concerns about airport security & safety. She has traveled through 73 countries, and cruised through the Panama Canal 98 times, and has been demonstrating her travel secrets to AAA audiences for over 25 years. Her television appearances include Oprah®, The Today Show, and CNN.

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