winter road conditionsWinter road conditions can change rapidly with changing winter weather. As such, it’s important to always carry approved traction devices when traveling and be prepared for snow and ice along your route. Also, check out these resources for state and local road conditions before you head out.

Note: Most US states operate a 511 Travel Information Hotline. Access it by simply dialing 511 on your cell phone. You can get winter driving conditions, weather forecast information, road construction and more for your current location.

Winter Road Conditions

OREGONhttp://www.tripcheck.com11/1 – 3/31(800) 977-6368
   Crater Lake
(541) 594-3000
   AAA Oregon
(888) 524-5561
IDAHO – 4/30(888) 432-7623
(208) 342-6569
   AAA Idaho
(888) 524-5561
WASHINGTON – 3/31(800) 695-7623
 No Restrictions(877) 262-4997
(855) 391-9743
ARIZONAhttp://www.az511.govNo Restrictions(888) 411-7623
BRITISH COLUMBIA – 4/30(800) 550-4997
(604) 664-9032
CALIFORNIA – 4/30(800) 427-7623
COLORADOhttp://www.cotrip.orgNo Restrictions(303) 639-1111
   (877) 315-7623
MONTANA – 5/31(800) 226-7623
NEVADA – 4/30(877) 687-6237
UTAH – 3/31(801) 965-4000
   (866) 511-8824
WYOMING Restrictions(888) 996-7623
(307) 344-7381 #5

When it’s time for traction…

  • Failure to use traction devices when posted will result in a traffic violation and a citation may be issued. Therefore, you need to have your traction needs satisfied beforehand.
  • Traction Tires: Mud and snow tires are specially designed to provide more traction than conventional tires under winter driving conditions. However, radial tires do NOT qualify unless they are specifically made for all-weather driving.
  • Traction Device: Any device that attaches to the tire, wheel or vehicle that increases the traction of a vehicle under winter driving conditions. Studded tires and tire chains are also included in this category. Stop by your local AAA Travel Store location to shop traction devices ahead of winter weather.
  • For additional information on winter driving, contact AAA Oregon/Idaho at 1 (800) 222-1768 and request the brochure “How to Go on Ice and Snow.”

Emergency Roadside Assistance: 1 (800) AAA-HELP or 1 (800) 222-4357. You can also request service online at

Preferred Lodging Partner National Member Hotline: 1-866-AAA-SAVE or 1 (866) 222-7283

Don’t Forget Your Winter Battery Check!

Winter temperatures can tax even newer batteries. AAA Battery Service will make sure you’re fully charged and your terminals are clean.

Need a Full Winter Check?

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