Perfect Travel Wardrobe

Picking what clothing to take on a trip is never easy. Here are some top tips from our resident Travel Expert, Anne McAlpin on how to make choosing your travel wardrobe a breeze.

  • Build your wardrobe using one or two basic colors, so the same shoes, hosiery and accessories can be worn with everything.
  • Simple, classic styles for both dress and casual wear usually work best.
  • For warmer climates, pack lighter colors and natural fabrics, such as cotton. For cooler climates, dark colored clothing, which can be layered for warmth, is a good choice. Wool gabardine is a good fabric to travel with as it’s lightweight, warm, and wrinkle resistant.
  • The secret to packing for changing climates is layering. Worried about possible cold weather? Lightweight long underwear fits well under any type of clothing, is easy to pack, and will drip dry overnight if need be.
  • Take items that can double for other uses. A raincoat can act as a blanket on a train or bus. A large t-shirt can be used for a nightgown, exercising, or cover up.
  • Shoes: take a maximum of 3 pair, one that you’re wearing and two that you pack.
    • Anne’s Top Picks: A good walking shoe, a comfortable loafer, and a pair of sandals. Flip flops and/or slippers take little room, and are great extras to have on hand.
  • Pack for one week and do laundry!
    • Anne’s Top Tip: Take a gallon zip-top bag, some travel packets of soap (shampoo will do, in a pinch), and a laundry line with you. The zip-top turns into a perfect mini-washing machine and your clothes never have to go into a possibly dirty sink.  Pick up a braided elastic travel laundry line at the Travel Store and you’re saving money on laundry already!

An Anne Travel Wardrobe Favorite:

Columbia Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt

The best travel clothes can do more than one thing and the Columbia Tamiami™ II Long Sleeve Shirt is one of the greats. It works as a lightweight, breathable cover-up for sight-seeing or hiking; and-paired with nice pants- is classy enough to wear to dinner. Better still, it’s a perfect garment for travelers: takes up practically no space in your luggage, includes Omni-Shade™ UPF 40 sun protection, and can be washed in the sink and will drip-dry out over-night.

Travel Smart, Pack Right Organized Packing Workshop

Now is a great time to prepare for your next trip. Join AAA and Travel Expert Anne McAlpin and learn travel tips you should know. With thirty years of travel experience, Anne will be covering:

  • Organizing your money, passport and travel documents
  • Packing personal care items
  • How to choose the best day-bag
  • And more!

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