Summer is here and that means adventure. AAA is your resource for all things summer travel whether it’s preparing for an epic road trip or boarding a plane for a tropical vacation. Check out our resources below!

Plan in Advance

Before you head out the door, be sure to check out current travel information for your destination.  Two excellent resources are for updated state and local travel restrictions and for continual updates on traveling. You can also check for latest travel updates here.

Leave plenty of time to research your route in advance.  A great resource to help plan for your getaway is AAA’s trusted TripTik.  You’ll also want to download the AAA Mobile App to find the best prices on gas, request roadside assistance if needed, find the nearest discount partners, and more.

Be sure to check your state’s department of transportation page too to keep up-to-date on any road closures. You can find information for road closures, construction, and conditions for Oregon & Idaho below:

Road Trip Resources

Checkout all of the resources available to help you plan the ultimate summer road trip. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your journey or information and tips on road trip safety, we’ve got you covered.

Car Care & Maintenance

Road Trip Inspiration

Quick Tips for Packing Your Car

Packing for road trips can be fun, however no matter where the road takes you, it’s important to stay organized.  Here are some great tips for what you should pack and what you should be prepared for. If you need to pick up some supplies, click here for suggestions available at your local AAA Travel Store.

  • Re-purpose a plastic cereal container with a lid. Line it with kitchen bags to use as a a trash bin.
  • Small tissue packets can be used as emergency toilet paper for restrooms and rest areas that have none.
  • Pack PPE items, which include face masks and sanitizer wipes, in a shoe box or tote bag for convenience.
    • When you need quick access to extra masks or disposable gloves, like when at self-pump gas stations, pack them in a mesh packing cube in the driver’s side door pocket or center console.
  • What’s a road trip without snacks?  Pack travel friendly food like trail mix and granola bars, things that won’t melt in a hot car.  Consider packing a picnic basket with your own utensils, plates and cups.  Stay hydrated with a water bottle with a filter for mystery water sources.
  • Finally, if you leave your car to go into a restaurant, etc. be sure to take any valuables with you, including smart phones, laptops and medications.

Tips for Plane Trips

Changes to airport security happen all the time. To keep up-to-date please visit In addition, always check your airlines website prior to your flight for possible changes in procedures, arrive to the airport early with your pre-printed boarding pass.

Three new TSA Checkpoint Regulations:

  • In addition to the current TSA liquid 3-1-1 rule, travelers are allowed one 12. oz bottle of hand sanitizer – placed in the bin for inspection
  • All food must be packed in a clear bag – and taken out for inspection
  • Pack small items like coins and cell phones inside your carry-on bag to help prevent cross contamination

Additional airport tips:

  • Take out any electronics bigger than your phone and remember to place them in the bins
  • Wash your hands after clearing security (pack hand lotion for dry hands)
  • Pack an airplane kit (snacks, water, entertainment & comfort items)

Prepare for Summer Travel

As always, travel is a personal choice. Make sure you do your research and reach out to us if you need help, we’re always here for you!

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