Winter Prep

It’s winter prep time! Winter is here and it’s important to be prepared for driving and road conditions. Make sure you’re vehicle is ready, your emergency road kit is updated, you have the right tires, AND you know the road conditions. Check out our resources below.

The Latest Winter News, Resources and Guides

Be prepared for whatever winter throws your way. Read our resources for winterizing your home, driving safe, and more!

Prepare for Winter at the AAA Travel Store
Our AAA Travel Store has winter safety must-haves for your vehicle, to help ensure your safety during the cold-weather months.
9 Steps for Winterizing Your Home
Winter storms can devastate your home. Ice, snow, rain and wind are all potential dangers, but taking these 9 steps for winterizing your home can make it safer and may even save you money over time.
Winter Weather Ahead: Driving Safety Tips
The holidays are hectic, and it’s tempting to dash through the snow, rain or ice to get where you need to go. But rushing on wet, winter roads puts you at greater risk for car crashes.
Three P’s of Winter Driving
Our Three P’s of Winter Driving guide is designed to help you prepare your vehicle, prevent incidents with safe driving techniques, and protect yourself and your family.
Protect Your Home from Frozen Pipes
With the onset of cold weather, pipes are at risk of freezing due to sudden temperature drops, poor insulation or incorrect thermostat settings. This winter, we offer suggestions that can help prevent frozen pipes from bursting and causing significant damage and expense.